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Central & South AmericaMystic Copan in Honduras

HCWT 02.06.2016 15:34 Not available 0


Maya City of Copan and its intricately carved stelae.Read about CW's magical adventure to the ancient Maya City of Copan in Honduras. Roam about the majestic temples; view intricately carved stelae; learn about the rulers and their conquests from detailed Hieroglyphics; and marvel at the feats of this once amazing civilization. CW encounters fun little creatures and unusual plants while learning some very interesting facts about the Maya. Read about Mystic Copan in Honduras.

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United States & CanadaWinter Family Adventures - Snow & Sand

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Winter Family Adventures – Snow & Sand
Fill your holidays with these family-fun Snow & Sand getaways.

Family fun on Snow-Packed Mountain Slopes!  
•  Grab the kids, head for the slopes and enjoy a day of skiing and snowboarding this winter.  Bundle up from head to toe; share stories on the lifts; traverse a winter wonderland; sip hot chocolate in the chalet; and best of all... watch those little red-nosed kids perhaps experience their first snow outing.

•  Choose from a variety of winter sports--downhill skiing, cross- country skiing, snowboarding,
snow blading, snowshoeing, sledding, inner-tubing, snowmobiling, dog-sledding, and ice skating.

•  Ski early or late in the season and travel mid-week for cheaper rates than major holidays or weekends.

•  Consider smaller resorts that often offer less crowds and better rates for families--affordable lodging, discounted lessons and lift tickets, even kids skiing free.  Lessons for the kids can include 1/2 day or full-day ski/snowboard instruction, lift tickets, rental equipment, food, and supervision. Cross-country skiing costs less and offers a great alternative for enjoying the snowy wilderness.
•  Find resorts in the U.S. open for skiing usually from Thanksgiving through Easter.

•  Check out this sampling of family ski resorts. Accommodations range from those right on the slopes, base lodges, to others a few miles from the resort.

Family Fun on Sun-Drenched Tropical Isles!  

•  Grab the kids and fly off or set sail for a warm, tropical island. The choices are many and all you need to do is pack swim suits, sun lotion, and light clothing and leave your worries behind.

•  Check into a family resort with all the amenities. Select a suite, condo, villa, or house. All-inclusive packages include room, meals, drinks, sports and activities for one price. Other family packages are often available.

•  Choose from a variety of activities, from relaxing on the beach to going strong with every kind of island sport–swimming, snorkeling, sand castle building, sailing, tennis, golf and horseback riding.

•  Kid’s Clubs can provide organized activities from morning to night for infants to teens. Get plenty of togetherness with special programs for the whole family.

•  Take a look at this sampling of island family resorts.


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United States & CanadaWhistler's Winter Family Wonderland

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Whistler's Winter Family Wonderland

Canada's British Columbia is known for its winter scenic terrain and family-friendly skiing on the two adjacent mountains of Whistler and Blackcomb. These slopes can accommodate some 12,000 skiers a day on dozens of trails with short waits in the numerous lift lines.

Whistler Village

Especially appealing for families, It's a winter wonderland of family adventure.Whistler Village offers the most slope-side lodging accommodations in North America. The village, nestled at the foot of the mountains, is a car-free zone and offers walking paths and over 300 shops, eateries, and lodging accommodations.


Tours of the snowy Whistler back country areas are available by dog sled, by snowshoes, and also by sitting cozy and warm in horse-drawn sleighs.

For cross-country ski buffs the Lost Lake Trails are a 10-minute walk from most village accommodations. The trail system includes 20 miles of groomed trails; nearly 3 miles are lit for nighttime Nordic rambles. Equipment rental and trail passes are available at several shops in the village.

Read more about Whistler's Winter Wonderland for Family Adventure.

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United States & CanadaFamily Snow Fort Adventure - Canada's Ice Hotel

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Canada's Ice Hotel
... Quebec's ultimate family snow fort adventure.

Discover a uniqQuebec's Ice Hotel on Lac St. Josephue family adventure at Canada's Ice Hotel - the ultimate ice and snow fort for kids of all ages. Sheila shares her family's memorable experience at Ice Hotel on the shores of Lac St. Joseph about 20 minutes west of Quebec. It gets its name, not surprisingly, from the fact that nearly everything in the structure is made of frozen water. That includes the walls, ceilings, beds, furniture, chandeliers, and even the glasses you drink from at the bar. The Ice Hotel is rebuilt every year, designed with new themes, created with amazing architecture, using over 12,000 tons of snow and 400 tons of ice.

Plan early!  This family spring break is snow-packed full of kid-fun activities! Hurry, before the ice melts! 

Read more about this unique family snow fort adventure  - Canada's Ice Hotel.

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United States & CanadaFamily Winter Fun in Oregon

HCWT 11.14.2014 18:47 0 0


Travelin' Grandma
on the road with Myrna Oakley

    I’m picking up the grandkids and heading to Southern Oregon for some winter fun!  Here’s our itinerary: Diamond Lake Resort, near Crater Lake for cross-country skiing, inner tubing, and, hopefully, a snowmobilePopular with all is the tubing hill with an up-hill tow.1 ride from Diamond Lake to Crater Lake – weather permitting! 

    We’re renting one of the cottages at the resort that look out on tDog sledding is an adventure the family will never forget. 2he lake and on both Mt. Thielsen and Mt. Bailey; we’ll ask for one of the cabins that has a kitchenette so we can make hot chocolate and popcorn in the evenings, around the cozy fire!

Then it's a drive north on Highway 97 to Chemult to check out the Chemult Sled Dog Races -  a big hit with the kids, maybe even the highlight of our trip.

Read more of  Travelin' Grandma's adventure to Southern Oregon.

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United States & CanadaDogsledding Minnesota's Wilderness

HCWT 11.10.2014 00:10 0 0



A "Mushing" Good Time at Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge

   It's a Tail-Waggin' good time for all ages at Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge. Share in the adventure, even learn how to mush your own team of sled dogs along the snowy trails of Minnesota's scenic Boundary Wilderness Area. Ideal family reunion adventure.

   Relive the adventures of the movie, “Ironwill,” as your team of friendly Canadian Inuit sled dogs, eagerly whisks you off through the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area of Minnesota. Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge director Paul Schurke and his family will guide you through this beautiful winter wonderland, with chance sightings of timber wolves, bald eagles, moose, and black bear.

   Read more about this Unique Family Adventure - ideal for all ages and especially for family reunions.

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United States & CanadaSanta's Polar Express Train Ride

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The Polar Express Train Adventure

All aboard... for an enchanted Christmas family adventure on a Polar Express Train Ride, departing from a train station near you.  Bring to life the children's classic, "The Polar Express"  by Chris Van Allsburg.
Imagine rumbling down the train track to the North Pole, your young ones wearing their PJ's, wide-eyed and full of anticipation to where this magical journey will take them. Take in the scenic countryside lit with festive Christmas lights, sip hot chocolate and snack on yummy treats served up by Santa's elves, read from the classic story, sing favorite Christmas carols, and visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus. A special sleigh bell gift will add to the memory of this adventure -- a family tradition, celebrated for years to come. For more information visit (Early reservations are advised.)

Click on... To find a Polar Express Train Ride near you.

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Travel with Our Children...How to make the best of family travel...

HCWT 11.09.2014 23:26 0 0

Over the River and Through the Woods for the Holidays We Go...
The plane is late, the kids are crying, and the car awaits a tow. So... who says travel is fun?

        Writers learn that a measure of adversity and conflict added to the plot makes for a far better read--stories are more colorful and interesting. I believe this is also true of travel, and of life in general for that matter.
Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t wish misfortune on any of my travels just for the sake of color. However, when faced with those annoying travel mishaps, and they will happen--I try to view them all as opportunities.
        For example, if it weren’t for our lost hotel reservations on a small South Pacific island would my son, Cody and I have met so many kind islanders. They were concerned and helpful, even taking us into their homes.
        Because of a rainy day in Mexico on another trip, Cody and I found hiking among the jungle ruins a much cooler option, plus it eliminated those pesky mosquitoes! We also discovered that tarantulas seek the warm highway pavement after a good rain.
        And, due to a mix-up in plane seats, Cody and I were once treated to a first class flight. Ah, but you say these unexpected turns have happy endings. What about those other not so fortunate times? I still view these as opportunities, too. I have learned that there are not only options but also that being resourceful and creative can lead to even more options--and a better chance at finding a happy ending. I’ve also learned to be reasonable and practical in my travel expectations.
        Each adversity strengthens my resolve and ultimately provides a sense of accomplishment and added confidence. I know that if I plan to make the best of any situation, I’ll be more apt to have a fantastic experience that offers the adventure I seek in travel... and in life. My response to most travel hiccups is... “That makes for adventure!”
        As a parent I learn to role model for my son, enabling him with the attitude and tools to deal with adversity--learning to travel and live life with confidence.
       Ever notice after returning home from a trip that the unexpected happenings are among the most memorable? They often add humor and intrigue as we share our adventures with others.
        As you and your family travel over the river and through the woods this holiday season, take with you this thought...

        Travel can be a cornucopia of opportunities and from that comes great memories.

        ...And, that’s why travel is fun!

Holiday Travel Survival Tips

        Before heading out this holiday season, tuck a list of these Travel Survival Tips in your pocket and refer to it often. By keeping a positive attitude, you can create memorable family adventures.

• View travel mishaps as opportunities.
• Be resourceful and creative in solving travel hiccups.
• Resolve adversities with confidence.
• Be reasonable and practical in travel expectations.
• Plan to make the best of any situation.
• Role model a positive attitude for the kids.
• Smile... and turn travel mishaps into memorable family adventures.

 Happy Traveling!

~Deb Cornick, Have Children Will Travel  

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United States & CanadaToronto Zoo - Best Wildlife Family Adventure

HCWT 08.22.2014 21:20 0 0


Canada’s Toronto Zoo – A Family-Best Wildlife Adventure

Toddlers, giraffes, zoomobiles, baboons, and carousels – oh my! Share Habeeb's family adventure and discover what makes Canada's Toronto Zoo, one of the world’s top wildlife parks and favorite family attractions.
It’s home to over 5,000 animals exhibited in seven different habitats from around the world - Indo-Malay, Africa, Americas, Australasia, Eurasia, Canadian and the Tundra. The zoo encompasses some 710 acres with 6 miles of walking trails. It is one of the largest zoos in the world and Toronto’s favorite attraction. Read more at Canada's Toronto Zoo.

The Masai giraffe is a most curious animal with its long neck and tongue. Photo by Toronto Zoo.

The Masai giraffe is a most curious animal with its long neck and tongue.

The rare white lions come from Timbavati in South Africa. Photo: Toronto Zoo

The rare white lions come from Timbavati in South Africa. 

The Baboon exhibit provides hours of entertainment. Photo: Toronto Zoo


The Baboon exhibit  provides hours of entertainment. 


Read more at Canada's Toronto Zoo.

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United States & CanadaNapa Valley’s Family Friendly Yountville

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Family Travel Adventure in Napa Valley's Yountville

Share family-friendly fun in Yountville, California with Jill and her family – hot air balloons, children’s parks, organic gardens, chicken coops, bee hives, French bistros, Swiss chocolates, trolley rides, and lots more. Read more about her family-friendly favorites... what to do, what to see, and where to stay and eat while in Yountville, California at Napa Valley's Family Friendly Yountville. 

Soar high above the Napa Valley.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Treat your family to a once in a lifetime experience - soaring high above the Napa valley countryside in a hot air balloon at sunrise. It’s exhilarating, well worth the early morning getup call. A scrumptious brunch is offered as a special end to an amazing adventure.


Stroll through a 3-acre garden, full of edible vegetables.

French Laundry's Garden

Take your family on a
free self-gu
ided tour of this restaurant’s three-acre garden with plots of broccoli, beets, garlic, cucumbers, cabbage, peas, asparagus, tomatoes, lettuce, leeks, turnips and more – all pesticide free.  Our girls were especially fond of the chicken coop - happy chickens laying farm fresh eggs. But it was the bee hive that provided endless conversation during dinner.

Read more at Napa Valley's Family Friendly Yountville.

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United States & Canada10 Free Activities in San Fancisco

HCWT 07.19.2013 15:55 0 0

Family Adventure in and around San Francisco - and it's all FREE!

Why do 16 million people visit San Francisco each year?  It’s not only because San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but it offers many activities for families – and many of those activities and events are Free!

Walk through the coolest water/artwork in San Francisco. The Vaillancourt Fountain, built in 1971 by a French Canadian sculptor, Francois Vailancourt, releases thousands of gallons of recycled water from its sculptured viaduct
Water fountains are a favorite with the kids.s.  All ages enjoy the thrill of stepping on the path of large stones through the roaring water and climbing the metal stairs up to a second story gangplank.

 Our girls loved the farmers market.
Samples of the most delicious cheeses, gourmet mustards, flavored olive oils, and delicious breads are for sale inside this landmark building at 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco. It's a great place to pick up picnic items for lunch and sit outside viewing San Francisco’s Bay and Bay Bridge. Get a freshly baked French baguette for under $2 and a hunk of cheese from the Cowgirl Creamery. Many of the shops and restaurants close their doors around dinnertime, so come early in the day. Outside, on a local Farmer’s Market day, you’ll find booths of both fresh fruit and vegetables
to sample. Our girls loved the farmers market.

For more information: 10 Free Activities in San Francisco.

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EuropeOld Town of Kerkira, Corfu, Greece

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Enjoy a stroll through the old town of Kerkira in Corfu, Greece

Take in a popular Mediterranean pastime... an evening stroll through the Old town of Kerkira, on the Island of Corfu, Greece. Starting at dusk when the swallows fill the sky, all ages take to the tree-lined walkway stretching along Venetian colonnades and arches. Evenings cool the town, fill the restaurants and bring children’s laughter to the streets as kids typically stay up late.  Perched high above the Adriatic Sea near Krini are the ruins of the Byzantine fortress, Angelokastro. Even greater views can be seen from the Byzantine Monastery of Palaiokastritsa that overlooks rocky bays filled with blue-green waters. Other favorite family outings are building sand castles at Arilas beach with its great sand and pedal-boating about the waters off Agios Georgios Beach.

Find more information at

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United States & CanadaKauai, Hawaii - Films & Family Adventure

HCWT 07.04.2013 19:56 0 0


     The next day after a Katie makes friends with a sea cucumber at Hideaway Beach.light breakfast at the hotel, we walked just past the St. Regis Princeville Resort entrance to a public pathway down to Hideaway Beach, a secluded public beach. Walking down the path can be tricky at times, especially after a rain but the slippery slope offers hand tied ropes as a railing to hold on to. The beach is spectacular.

      We snorkeled at this beach every morning and viewed the coral playground filled with purple sea cucumbers and the Hawaiian Trigger fish, Humuhumunukunuku apua'a.

      A short drive toward the coast is Kauai’s northern-most point and the historic Kilauea Lighthouse. Celebrating its 100th year, the scenic lighthouse was recently refurbished. This area is also a preserve for hundreds of sea birds. You can often spot whales, seals, dolphins and sea turtles at the point.

Read more at Kauai, Hawaii - Films & Family Adventure

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United States & CanadaAulani-Hawaii's Disney Family Beach Adventure

HCWT 07.04.2013 17:33 0 0

Aulani-Hawaii's Disney Family Beach Adventure

    The Aulani Disney Resort is a fantasy playground both for kids and adults. Guests float and snorkel on the surface of the resort’s 165,000-gallon saltwater playground. As the fish swim about in schools below, you and the kids can observe underwater statues and animals from above. It’s great for people who’ve never snorkeled before.
    Our daughter enjoyed a day of gentle snorkeling without waves, strong currents or sharks. You’ll find the It's family fun at Aulani Disney Resort on Oahu, Hawaii.calm environment perfect for children of all ages who are able to float and swim. The fish are tame and friendly with the swimmers. Guests who don’t want to enter the water can watch the fish from two viewing windows, with fish feeding scheduled two times a day.
     A fun family activity we enjoyed was the interactive hand-held electronic touch-screen device. It’s like a mini iPad with “Auntie” as the tour guide. Auntie guides families around the resort in search of the legendary menehune, the Hawaiian "little people." With a push of a button, guests learn about local folklore.
    We especially liked walking around the JW Marriott to a beach where we viewed sea turtles and Monk seals playing in the warm waters.

Read more of Jill and her family's vacation at Aulani Disney Resort.

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Asia and OceaniaA Family Motorbike Adventure Across Vietnam

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A Family Motorbike Adventure Across Vietnam

The Vietnamese appreciate any attempts to speak the language. As I sat and enjoyed the shade and the attempted conversation, boys were busy putting Jake’s motorbike back together and giving it a good wash. A young woman placed her baby daughter on my lap and lifted my arms so the baby could rub her face through the hair on my arms. Having body hair is an advantage in Vietnam and makes me good luck, just like my potbelly that every passing stranger rubs.

We especially enjoyed the cultural tribal dances.

A new and exciting world opened up for the boys. At the White Thai village of Ban Loc they joined in the local dancing and even sipped local wine through a straw with the ladies. They explored the rice paddies and watched the people harvest crops. Women fished the rivers and kids swam in local streams. We motor biked down back roads (most roads in Vietnam are back roads) and discovered a town engaged in the making of chopsticks. We drove into the forest and followed the bamboo being chopped from the hillsides as the logs floated down a river. Young men hauled the bamboo logs into the town where they were measured, cut and chopped, into chopsticks. The boys had never thought about where chopsticks came from or the people who made them or, especially, the work involved.

Read more about Motorbiking across Vietnam.

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United States & CanadaPhiladelphia - Cheese Steak Adventure

HCWT 05.24.2013 16:36 0 0


Philadelphia - Cheese Steak Adventure

The Philly cheese steak was invented in south Philadelphia in the 1930s.  Pat Oliv

Tony Luke's menu of original and specialilty Philly cheese steaks.

Tony Luke's menu of original and specialilty Philly cheese steaks.

ieri, a south Philadelphia hot dog vendor, one day was grilling meat for a sandwich.  The aroma flowing from his grill enticed a passing taxicab driver who asked for his own steak sandwich.  From that day the attributes of the Philly steak spread by word of mouth throughout the city.  Soon Olivieri was doing a striving business and this led him to open Pat’s King of Steaks to sell his new creation.  Today, Olivieri and Geno’s Steaks, the rival shop across the street, have grills that are sizzling day and night – gold mines for the owners.  For 40 years, the two shops, which are in the heart of the Philly cheese steak center have waged a friendly competition to win the title of best cheese steak in town.

Check out other favorite Cheese Steaks at Favorite Cheese Steaks Eateries

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EuropeRelive Spain’s Moorish and Christian Heritage at Petrer.

HCWT 05.24.2013 16:24 0 0


Relive Spain’s Moorish and Christian Heritage at Petrer.

We found the streets of the town filled with crowds of men, women and children dressed in the costumes of past eras in Spanish history.  The sound of gunfire echoed through the streets and led us to one of the main thoroughfares.  Here, an episode of the Moorish-Christian wars was being re-enacted.  The Moorish army moved up the street firing muskets and cannons, with real gunpowder, while in the distance.

The Moorish garments are elaborate and a favorite in the parade.

The Moorish garments are elaborate and a favorite in the paradence we saw the Spanish were retreating.

    The colourful scene amazed us all. “Look! Arabs from history! The Emir!” Leila exclaimed as the Moorish legions marched before us, each group led by a richly dressed Emir.
    “Magnifico!  Magnifico!” Muna pointed to the emirs while we talked to a Spaniard standing by her side.  “Come tomorrow morning, you’ll see the grandeur of Spain’s Moorish civilization,” the man advised in passable English.
    “Son Uds. ingleses (Are you English)?”  A young man asked us. Muna answered: “No somos canadienses pero nuestra origin es árabe (we are Canadians but our origin is Arab).”  “Arabe!  Arabe!  Bienvenides! Bienvenides!”  The young man was excited. “Come with me!”

Read more at Spain's Moorish-Christian Festival.

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United States & CanadaFamily Adventures along the Scenic Byways

HCWT 08.31.2012 16:32 Not available 0


Discover America's Scenic Byways

     Take to the road for a weekend getaway and experience the sites, views, and heritage along America’s Scenic Byways.  You’ll find a variety of National and State Scenic Byways throughout the U.S.  The following routes can often be enjoyed year-round, however, autumn usually offers less crowds, an array of fall colors, and inexpensive and fun family outings.  
     Try identifying the different species of shrubs and trees, learn why some turn colors and others don’t; create a fall

An amazing view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

An amazing view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

leaf scrapbook, or make dried weed bouquets from the many unusual weeds; take along binoculars and a bird guide for great peak migration sightings; make rubbings of tomb stones and informational plaques; learn to video a homespun documentary or set up scenes for great photos; and while in the car, read aloud or listen to audio taped stories of the time in history you’re visiting--bring the past to life.  Plan to stop often and bring picnics for along the way.

Read more adventures along our scenic byways...

Find more adventures at Explore America...

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United States & CanadaSummer Camps for the Family

HCWT 08.31.2012 15:51 Not available 0


Family Summer Camp Adventures

Camps, Camps, and more Camps...
...summer fun for the whole family

If you went to camp as a kid, then you know just how special this experience can be.  A chance to meet new friends, develop skills and interests in a variety of activities, and grow in many ways.              
    What if you could still enjoy these experiences? ...and with your kids? ...together as a family?  ...You can!   
Explore the cosmos to digging for dinosaur bones. Learn to sail or how to create Disney animation. It's all at summer camp.

Explore the cosmos to digging for dinosaur bones. Learn to sail or how to create Disney animation. It's all at summer camp.

    Family camp, like family travel can help develop mutual companionship and understanding between family members.  It can also create a foundation for positive, lifelong relationships.
    There are programs to fit any interest: the classic camp often located in scenic areas offers a variety of sports and activities; the sport/academic/art camp coaches tennis, instructs music/dance or teaches a foreign language. Challenges can be found at the adventure camp--rock climbing, sailing or camping the wilderness; a religious affiliated camp incorporates spiritual training; special needs are addressed at a camp for handicaps or illnesses; and, an international camp offers an experience in a foreign country.  
    You can choose a resident camp, spending nights in a tent, cabin, or dormitory.  Or, a day camp–after a full day of activities you return to your own lodging for the evening.
    Non-profit agencies, youth groups, or public agencies usually offer affordable camps. Independently-run camps are often more costly.
    Which camp is right for your family?  First, determine your reasons for participation.  Will your family like the programs and do they fit your interests?  What are your goals?  Is the philosophy of the camp what you’re looking for?  And is the size and location of the camp suitable?
    Once you've decided on your ideal family camp getaway, then research the internet and discuss with travel agents the best options available.

Find a sampling of the many camps offered.  Grab the kids and head for camp...

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Travel with Our Children...Tips to a Great Family Road Adventure!

HCWT 08.31.2012 15:03 0 0


Tips to a Great Family Road Adventure!Vacations with the kids exploring the back roads and countrysides from the comforts of your own family vehicle offer lots of fun time together. Discover helpful tips for planning that ideal road adventure; useful tricks to keep everyone singing down the road; and kid pleasing tactics for all ages from infants and toddlers to school age and even teens!


Read more tips at Great Family Road Adventures...

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