Jan 23rd
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Tag: Lake Garda


EuropeJaunts about Northern Italy

HCWT 01.27.2012 16:58 0 0



   After a two-hour drive on the autostrada we crested Passo S. Giovanni and enjoyed our first scenic view of Lake Garda, our home for the next week. The town of Malcesine, located lakeside and at the foot of Monte Baldo, was chosen to cater to son Duncan chases the waves on the shore of Lake Garda.Morgan's love of going up and down mountains.

   I found the Villa Stellina apartments online and our host, Signora Franca Zeni, welcomed us to her family run complex, which consists of three apartments. Each offers underground parking, lakeside views, and access to the above-ground swimming pool and barbecue facilities. For just Euro 92 per night, plus Euro 36 for final cleaning costs, we enjoyed basic but comfortable accommodations just a ten minute walk from the center of town, the cable car, and Lake Garda. We thought it a great deal and perfect for our two active boys. Lake Garda is so popular with German-speaking tourists that most restaurant menus in Malcesine are in both Italian and German. The cable TV channels were almost entirely German.

   Lake Garda is probably best known as a world class wind-surfing and sailing destination because of the predictable winds. The surfers and sailors appear in the early morning and late afternoon when the winds are strongest and the surfing at its most challenging. It was thrilling for the boys and Andrew and I too watched as they spun and raced on the crests of the waves with the winds.

Read more at Jaunts about Northern Italy.

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