Jan 22nd
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Tag: getaways


United States & CanadaFamily Adventures along the Scenic Byways

HCWT 08.31.2012 16:32 Not available 0


Discover America's Scenic Byways

     Take to the road for a weekend getaway and experience the sites, views, and heritage along America’s Scenic Byways.  You’ll find a variety of National and State Scenic Byways throughout the U.S.  The following routes can often be enjoyed year-round, however, autumn usually offers less crowds, an array of fall colors, and inexpensive and fun family outings.  
     Try identifying the different species of shrubs and trees, learn why some turn colors and others don’t; create a fall

An amazing view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

An amazing view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

leaf scrapbook, or make dried weed bouquets from the many unusual weeds; take along binoculars and a bird guide for great peak migration sightings; make rubbings of tomb stones and informational plaques; learn to video a homespun documentary or set up scenes for great photos; and while in the car, read aloud or listen to audio taped stories of the time in history you’re visiting--bring the past to life.  Plan to stop often and bring picnics for along the way.

Read more adventures along our scenic byways...

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