Jan 19th
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Tips, Tricks, Tactics

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•  Books on tape are a fun way for the whole family to pass the time on those long car trips. You can sit back and listen to stories while enjoying the views of the countryside. Pick up a selection of books on tape at your local library or book store. Consider getting a few books to accompany the tapes, smaller children can enjoy reading along and looking at the pictures.

•  A sure winner to any road trip is a cooler packed full of healthy nibbles like string cheese, cubed cheeses and cold cuts; bananas, grapes, oranges and other fruit; bagels and crackers; granola and non-sugar cereals; carrot and celery sticks, other cut up veggies; nuts, popcorn and dried fruit; and individual water bottles. (For toddlers: cut grapes in half, and sliver hard foods like carrots). Avoid sugar and caffeine in both foods and drink to alleviate excessive bathroom stops and hyper behavior. Keep nibbles and drinks easy to get to.
•  String it on... rattles, stuffed toys, small books, crayons and coloring books, tape player, bagels and bottles just to name a few items that can be attached to a toddler’s car seat with a short thick string (so as not to get caught around child’s body). While driving have your child’s favorite toys handy at arm’s length.
•  When on a long car trip, stop often to play in a park or visit an attraction, especially the younger the child. Take your cues from the kids. When they appear restless, find a place to pull over and exert a bit of cooped up energy. Plan ahead and make these pit stops an interesting part of the trip.


Where are Tricia and Marla?

Tricia and Marla climbed these steps to this magnificent temple. Where are Tricia and Marla?
Click here to find out. 

Tips, Tricks & Tactics

Family Camp Adventures
...summer fun for the whole family

    If you went to camp as a kid, then you know just how special this experience can be.  A chance to meet new friends, develop skills and interests in a variety of activities, and grow in many ways.              
    What if you could still enjoy these experiences? ...and with your kids? ...together as a family?  ...You can!

Tips, Tricks & Tactics

Rewards & Opportunities
Traveling with our Children

"I’ve been traveling with my son since he was 13 weeks old and I love it!  Actually, I discovered that traveling with my child was easy for I was already committed to including him.  I find it a challenge to plan ahead and anticipate his needs... and well rewarded with fun, family adventures." -- Publisher/Editor Deb Cornick 

    So, what do we parents who travel with our children know that others don’t?


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