Jan 19th
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World Travel -- Planning

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   Around-the-World with the Kids!

    The urge to travel and visit new cultures has always been an important part of our lives. Prior to starting our family my wife, Daniella and I visited China, Malaysia, Thailand, Europe and Africa--arranging all the details that come with independent travel.  Now, as a family of 5, (Daniel, age 6, Nicolas, age 4, and Felicia, age 3) we holiday in sunny locales--always planning each outing as a teaching and experimental event.
    An opportunity arose for Daniella and I to take a 6 month leave from our jobs and stay home with the children. So we thought, why not take this time and travel “around” the world!  
    You can imagine the questions we were asked. First, were we crazy? Then, why would we want to take a three, four, and six year old to all these foreign ports of call? What would they eat?  Wouldn’t the kids get homesick? What about missing school? What if they got sick? Certainly all these questions were of concern. To us, however, the educational benefits of visiting different cultures, and having our family together the entire time greatly outweighed any inconveniences that possibly awaited us.      
    We thoroughly researched our adventure for about a year prior to leaving home. Son Daniel, age 6, helped pick out interesting and educational destinations for the whole family. We selected itineraries that were suitable for the kids’ ages, allowing plenty of time and lots of flexibility. It was also important that we had help in finding affordable accommodations.  
    We compiled many lists--clothes, personal items, maps, first aid--the lists got longer, before they gradually got shorter. In anticipation of health concerns we loaded up on vaccinations, and packed an entire case of first aid, medicine and antibiotics.
    We all set off on our around-the-world journey with a positive attitude. Daniella and I both set the positive tone for our kids right from the beginning and continued while on the road, in the air, and on the water. We never doubted for a minute that the trip was not only possible but, that it would be one of our most exciting and memorable family adventures ever!
                            Next stop... Italy,
        Frank Scarcelli & Daniella Casciola, and Daniel, Nicolas, Felicia

Journey around-the-world with Frank and Daniella and their three kids.  Their adventure begins in Italy, continued in World Travel - Part II.


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