Jan 21st
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Camping & RV

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Dear Deb,
    We are a 30’s something couple with two elementary school age children.  A couple of years ago we bought a motorhome and now take about 5 or 6 trips a year to a variety of different places, some close to home, some far away.  With each trip, we grow closer as a family, learning to cooperate and compromise in a space 8' by 29'!  Since we both work, we find that we spend our highest quality moments with our children on these camping trips.  There are no phones and no home
projects nagging at us.  We can give full attention to the children.  We all learn to clean up after ourselves, make beds, prepare meals and most of all, we have fun!  
    On one of our first camping trips, we had prepared a detailed itinerary, but on the day we departed, I became ill and had just enough energy to help pack the RV and get the crew on the road.  When we arrived at the campground, I was so worn out, that we cancelled the itinerary and let the kids discover the campground on their own.  It was large, with 6 different playgrounds, miniature golf, indoor swimming pool and a variety of other activities.  We followed the kids from playground to playground, exploring each new sliding board, swing, and jungle gym.  We accompanied them to the crafts and the game room; played games of miniature golf; they even helped us with dinner, and stayed quiet in the morning so we could sleep late!  It wasn't until we slowed down that we discovered how much there is to love and appreciate about our children.      
    Since that first camping trip, all of our trips have been only partially planned, with itineraries set more as ideas than as fixed schedules.  We usually take each day one at a time, and do whatever feels right for that particular day.  Slowing down to smell the roses has never been so sweet as when we travel with our two kids!  
        Dave and Michele,
        Bryan and Jennifer
                Westminster, MD


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