Jan 22nd
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Money Saving Ideas

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$ Money Saving Ideas $


$ Plan Ahead. Find discounted travel costs several months ahead of most holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas and also spring and summer vacations. Book flights, cruises, and rail travel along with ski resorts and Caribbean resorts at least a year in advance for early-bird discounts.

$ Buy Vacation Packages. Purchase your airfare, rental car, and accommodations all together as a package price. You can compare prices, but the vacation packages nearly always offer better savings.

$ Delete Internet Cookies. Remember to routinely delete the stored cookies from your internet browser. These cookies are stored for websites you frequent, recorded in the cookies file.  For example, when you log on you may assume that rates on the screen are current but they will often reflect information from past visits to that site. Refer to your browser’s preferences and instructions for how to routinely remove these stored cookies from your computer.  This insures that current information is loading on your screen from Expedia or from the travel sites you frequently visit rather than outdated information loading from your cookies.

$ Pack Light To Save Baggage Fees. Limit yourself and your family members to one checked bag and one carry-on per person. Younger children can often make do with just one carry-on. Pack appropriately for weather and vacation activities – avoid buying clothes while on the trip. Pack outfits for you and the kids that can be mixed, matched and layered and are easily laundered.

$ Mail Vacation Purchases Home. In order to deal with purchases that can’t be mailed home, roll up a soft duffel bag into your checked baggage for bringing those things on your flight back home.  The duffel bag can also come in handy for redistributing items if your luggage exceeds the weight limit.

$ Save Dollars When Booking Flights. Consider booking your flight into an alternate airport near your destination city, especially if it’s a major airport. You’ll often find lower fares to the nearby airports along with car rentals and ground transportation.

$ Check Bucket Shop Savings. Check out travel consolidators or wholesalers, often called "bucket shops," for savings on airlines, lodgings, car, and travel packages.

$ Subscribe to Email Alerts. Subscribe to your favorite airline or travel planner’s e-mail alert service for the latest in airline, lodging, and auto savings. Select from several destinations, which will alert you to daily savings and up-to-date price changes.

$ Convert Your Dollars Abroad. Check with a local bank in major cities you visit abroad to find the best rates for converting dollars to the local currency. Also check with your bank’s policies regarding ATM use and fees overseas to avoid unnecessary and possibly exorbitant charges.

$ Use Your Credit Card Overseas. When abroad pay with your credit card and, preferably, with your Frequent Flier credit card. You can often get the lowest possible exchange rateand protection from unauthorized charges, plus getting frequent flyer miles for your next vacation. However, be sure to inform your credit card company of your travel plans ahead of time so they know you will be overseas and using the card. Otherwise, if they suspect fraudulent use, your card may be suspended without notice.

$ Remember Value-Added Tax Reimbursements. Don’t ignore the value-added-tax reimbursements in Europe; they are included in every purchase you make. Be sure to pick up a form each time you make a purchase and make sure you keep all your receipts. Once back home, immediately fill out the forms as specified and along with your receipts, mail to the VAT processing agency. You’ll receive your reimbursement check by U.S. mail. Or, while overseas, you can look for a Global Refund outlet at larger airports, which will give cash refunds on the spot.

$ Choose Off-Season Savings Carefully. You often can find price savings on lodging, car rentals, airlines, and tourist attractions during the off-seasons, those times of the year when a destination may have less than ideal weather or other seasonal problems. Also note that local resorts, eateries, tourist activities, and sites may be closed during this off-season time. Always be sure to research first to find out what lodging and attractions will or will not be available to visitors in these off-season locations.




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