Jan 21st
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Savings with your Travel Agent

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Money Saving Ideas
Getting the Best Value in Family Travel...

•  The airlines' commission cut to travel agents in 1995 (capping commissions at $50 per round trip, no matter the ticket price) and recent 2% cut in standard commission has had a tremendous effect on the travel industry.  This could force many small to medium size travel agencies to close their doors.

•  You may, however, see some agencies readily suggesting cruises, organized tours, and air-lodging packages because these items still carry the 10% vs reduced 8% commission for travel agents. This still provides plenty of savings for the consumer.
•  If you’re looking for independent travel with your own itinerary (a time consuming task for travel agents), you may have to start paying for it. Agencies are considering charging fees for their services and may even add surcharges to airline tickets.
•  Some travel agencies, on the other hand, may form alliances with particular airlines, receiving “overrides,” increased commissions for booking their clients with this airline. Of course, this is not always in a client’s best interest.

•  Travel agencies sell 80% of all airline tickets, and for a good reason. Airlines aren’t going to tell you that if you fly another airline the cost is $100 less or suggest if you leave an hour earlier the price is $75 lower. By dealing directly with the airlines, you can often incur biased and impersonal service, not to mention the time lost remaining on hold and incurring busy signals.

•  Better Idea: Find a professional travel agent that you can trust, then maintain this trust by developing a positive, on-going working relationship.



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