Jan 22nd
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Money Saving Ideas

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Money Saving Ideas

Verify Reservations... After booking tours, rooms, and airline tickets... always verify directly with the tour companies, specific hotels, and airlines that they all have your correct bookings reserved.  Also, check the information on your airline ticket versus the itinerary sheet for flight, date, time, and seating accuracy.

Grandparents Fly Cheaper... Senior Discounts--10% off airline rates are available for those over age sixty-two.  Travel with a companion of any age and they’re also entitled to the 10% discount.

Rack up the Mileage... Increasingly there are more ways to earn frequent-flyer mileage than just traveling.  MasterCard and VISA airline charge cards credit you mileage for every dollar charged.  Using the card for everyday ex-penses like groceries as well as the major buys will quickly add up to a free trip! Select one airline program to accumulate miles rather than spreading mileage among several programs. Here are a few airlines that offer airline charge cards: Alaska 800-552-7302; Amer-ican 800-843-0777; Continental 800-446-5336; Northwest 800-945-2004; United 800-368-4535.

Credit-Card Calls... Save on hotel charges when phoning long distance--use your credit card instead of direct dial.  Also, avoid additional charges on separate calls--don’t hang up between calls, instead press the # key  for a new dial tone.  



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