Jan 21st
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Money Saving Ideas

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Money Saving Ideas

Hotel Reservations... Get a much better room price by calling the local number instead of the 800 number.

TV Safeguards... Monitor your hotel TV.  Cable and “Pay Per View” channels can add to your hotel bill.

Condominium Living... Enjoy the convenience and affordability of renting a condominium.  By cooking some meals “in” you can save on expense of eating out at restaurants.  Condominiums also offer a relaxed environment away from home.

Exchange Rates... Exchange the minimum amount of currency you anticipate using.  Travelers generally lose money on a currency exchange.  Rather than airports, select exchange agencies and banks for the best exchange rate.

Credit Card Uses... Make all airline ticket purchases on a credit card to insure recourse if problems should arise.

Children Fly Cheaper... Child-ren up to age 2 fly free so long as they sit in your lap.  Children from ages 2 through 11 that are accompanied by an adult can receive discounts on normal coach fares for their own seat.

Travel Packages... Use the free services of a travel agent to recommend companies that offer savings on airfare, lodging and rental cars.



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