Jan 22nd
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Money Saving Ideas

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Money Saving Ideas

Travel Insurance... Buy from an accredited travel agent or company that specializes in travel cancellation insurance, not from the tour operator.  Check that the policy covers weather-related cancelations and company clo-sures as well as bankruptcies.  Pay by credit card to insure re-course if problems should arise.

Consolidated Airline Tickets... You can find some great bargains through consolidated airline agencies, but be wary--better to have your travel agent deal with the consolidated companies.

On-line Ticket Auctions...  If you’re connected to the internet and can travel at a moment’s notice, you may want to take a look at the various airlines’ web pages for tickets being auctioned off a day or two before the scheduled flight.  You’ll find considerable savings.

Caribbean is a Good Deal... 
Resorts are now rebuilt and ready for business after the devastating effects of hurricanes.  Tourism has been down and is being wooed back with good incentives and low prices!

National Park Fees go up...
This summer be on the lookout for increased fees at your favorite national parks.  Some that never have charged now do and others have increased their fees.  Inquire with the park before heading off to your favorite campground.  



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