Jan 22nd
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Iceland for Keiko

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Hey Kids,
    Are you following Keiko’s journey to freedom? Keiko, the famous Orca whale from the movie “Free Willy” no longer lives at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, in Newport.  As of Sept. 10th, he is living in his native Atlantic waters around the Westmann Islands (Vestmannaeyjar) off the southern coast of Iceland.  After a 9 hour flight (the only whale with frequent flier miles), a truck, and a barge ride, he is now frolicking in a huge floating sea pen with see through mesh sides!  Keiko is happy as a lark--singing more than ever!  He has been recorded talking with his new found friends, a pilot whale and dolphins, who have stopped by for a visit.  We all are rooting Keiko on, hoping soon he will be reunited with his family and traveling the open seas together. Surf into to find out the latest on Keiko!
    So what makes Keiko’s new digs so special?  Most important of all--fish and lots of them.  The north Atlantic is one of the richest feeding grounds in the world.  You’ll find many species of whale feeding in these waters--Orcas, Humpback, Blue, Minke and Pilot whales.
    And, then there’s Iceland--land of fire and ice, the midnight sun, Leifur Eiriksson--discoverer of America, an amazing variety of wildlife and endless adventures and activities.  (Don’t miss the upcoming Winter issue featuring Iceland.  Plan your next family trip to Keiko’s new home country and see why he’s all smiles!



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