Jan 21st
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Home Travel Guide Travel Guide Topics Kids Korner Gold Rush & How's it Made?

Gold Rush & How's it Made?

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Dear Deb,

My brother Sam and I learned all about the Gold Rush days in school. We’d like to learn how to pan for gold. Is there gold yet to find and if so, where?

Eric, Mississippi

Dear Sam and Eric,

    Head west to Jamestown, California! It was here in 1848, that the first gold was discovered in Tuolumne County.
    Explore the 1849 Gold Mining Camp, an exact replica of the original camp on the original site. Find mining tents, a saloon, and a mess hall as well as men panning for gold, a sheriff, a mayor, even a chance sighting of Black Bart, James Marshall, and Mark Twain. Watch out for the gunfights and barroom brawls – anything might just happen in “Jimtown.”
    And now, panning for gold! Is there gold in them thar hills? Yes! The best place to learn is at the 1849 Gold Mining Camp ( Sign up for any number of classes from various techniques for panning to using a sluice box. Join mom and dad at the river’s edge and keep all the gold you find.
    Have fun and strike it rich!


Hey Kids,

    Want to know how golf balls are made? How guide dogs for the blind are trained? How about the art of making guitars? Or, wonder what it takes to maintain a 50,000 gallon salt-water aquarium? And, where in the world can you find pounds and pounds of chocolate candy and with samples?  It’s easy, find all these tours and much more in “Tours for Free” by Jodi Jill. Mom and Dad will really like the “free” part! This guidebook features more than 100 free tours around and about Southern California and Las Vegas.
    Coming soon a Tours for Free edition featuring your favorite vacation locale.
    For more information call 888-851-5778 or check out
                             Happy Touring!



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