Jan 22nd
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Nature Journal

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Hey kids,

    When you go exploring in the park, at the beach, or even in your own back yard, how would you like to have your very own book to draw in or to write down all the neat insects, cool looking shells, and colorful birds you see?
    The pages in “My Nature Journal” by Adrienne Olmstead are stuffed with cool games, nifty experiments, lots of interesting facts, and really fun ways to discover nature!
    How would you like to go on a woodland scavenger hunt? Or, learn how to do leaf rubbings? What has 4-toed front feet and 5-toed back feet? How about collecting pebbles to make a pebble chart?  Do you know how water beetles breathe underwater? And, what about creating your own constellation in the sky!  
    You’ll have hours of fun!
    Ask your mom and dad to check out for more information, or call 877-725-2764.

         Happy Exploring!    



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