Jan 21st
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Work, Study, Live Abroad

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Dear Deb,

    I’m graduating from high school next year and would like to experience the world, either working my way around it or maybe attending school. Do you have any suggestions how I might get started?

        Eager for Adventure,
            David -- Minneapolis, MN

Dear David,  
    That’s the spirit!  You can choose to crew a yacht in the Mediterranean, teach English in Japan, and work as an overlander on camping trips across Africa; volunteer at an archaeological dig in England, build homes in Mexico, and research bees and orchids of Brazil; pursue business in Vienna, homestay in Italy while learning the art of cooking, and study Chinese traditional medicine from the masters.  
    As you can see, there are a multitude of possibilities.  Now to narrow the choices... take a look at Transitions Abroad, Alternative Travel Directory: Living, Learning and Working Overseas by Clayton A. Hubbs, General Editor.
    “Transitions Abroad” magazine comes out bi-monthly and can be obtained by calling (800) 293-0373.  Web site...
    The directory provides ideas and resources for further information.  You’ll find articles on work, travel, study, and living abroad as well as new resources in the magazine.
    Have a great time planning... your world travels!                       



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