Jan 21st
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Travel Opportunities

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Holiday Travel

    Over the river and through the woods for the holidays we go. The planes are late, the kids are crying, and the car awaits a tow...

    So... who said travel is fun?

    Writers are taught that adversity and conflict added to the plot make for a far better read--stories are more colorful and interesting.  I believe this is also true of travel, and of life for that matter.  Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t wish misfortune upon any of my travels just for the sake of color!  However, when faced with those annoying travel mishaps, and they will happen--I try to view them all as opportunities.  
    For example:  If it were not for our lost reservations and lack of lodging on a small South Pacific island would we have met so many kind people.  They showed concern for my son and me even taking us into their homes.  To this day I still correspond with these special friends.  Because of a day of rain we found hiking among the ruins in a Mexican jungle a much cooler option, plus it eliminated those pesky mosquitoes!  We also discovered that tarantulas seek the warm pavement of the highway after a good rain.  And, due to a mix-up in plane seats, my son and I were once treated to a first class flight!
    Ah, but you say these unexpected turns have happy endings.  What about those other not so fortunate times?  I still view these as opportunities, too.  They have taught me that there are not only options but also being resourceful and creative can lead to even more options--and a better chance at finding a happy ending.  I’ve also learned to be reasonable and practical in my expectations.  
    Each adversity strengthens my resolve and ultimately provides a sense of accomplishment and added confidence.  I know that if I plan to make the best of any situation, I’ll be more apt to have a fantastic experience that offers the adventure I seek in travel... and in life.  My response to most travel hiccups is... “That makes for adventure!”
    As a parent I learn to role model for my son, enabling him with the attitude and tools to deal with adversity--learning to travel and live life with confidence.  
    Adversities make for adventure... just like in stories, they give color.  Ever notice after returning home from a trip, that it is, the unexpected happenings that are among the most memorable?  They add humor and intrigue in recounting the entire adventure.  
    As you and your family travel over the river and through the woods this holiday season, take with you this thought...  
    Travel can be a cornucopia of opportunities.
    ...And, that’s why travel is fun!


-- Deb Cornick, Have Children Will Travel 


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Tips, Tricks & Tactics

Rewards & Opportunities
Traveling with our Children

"I’ve been traveling with my son since he was 13 weeks old and I love it!  Actually, I discovered that traveling with my child was easy for I was already committed to including him.  I find it a challenge to plan ahead and anticipate his needs... and well rewarded with fun, family adventures." -- Publisher/Editor Deb Cornick 

    So, what do we parents who travel with our children know that others don’t?


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