Jan 21st
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Business Travel with Family

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Business Travel with the Family

    Ah... the business trip, the one that usually takes you miles away from home and family.  But, rather than this happening to you... how about taking the family along?  Grab the spouse, the kids, and turn your business trip into a family affair.  
    Planning, of course is key to any getaway--business or pleasure.  Here’s how to plan a little “family” in your next business trip.

•  The ideal business trip with kids, is taking your spouse along too!  Kids and parent can enjoy the city’s sites, meeting up with you in between meetings and appointments. Increasingly, companies are permitting employees to take the family along on business trips, even to picking up the expense.

•  Travel with the kids on business, however, only if you’ll be able to spend a decent amount of time with them. No child wants to be left for long periods of time with an unfamiliar care provider, in a strange city.  

•  Try adding a few extra family days to your business trip. Airline fares and hotels are cheaper with a Saturday night stay.   

•  Increasingly, more hotels in major cities are offering childcare, babysitting services, and kids’ programs. Entertaining and educational activities are offered for kids, usually 3 years and older. Inquire about specific activities, however--they do vary from hotel to hotel. Properly research daycares and programs. Are caregivers trained and accredited? Are children properly supervised? What is the ratio of caregivers to kids (1 adult to 2 infants and 1 adult to 10 preteens)?  Are there sign-ins and sign outs with identification required? Are rooms kid-safe? Are both health information and authorization for medical treatment requested?  Child Care Aware (800) 424-2246 is a na-tionwide referral center.
•  If appropriate, share business activities with your kids. They will love to be included and will enjoy learning more about what you do on the job. Conventions can be fun for the family. Enjoying the speakers will depend on your child’s age, of course, but exhibition halls can be entertaining even for the youngest. In fact, more conventions are catering to the whole family, with plenty of kid entertainment. KiddieCorp (619) 455-1718 and Accents on Arrangements (504) 524-1227 organize children's activities at meetings and conventions.
•  Discuss with your spouse and children how long the trip will be, how much time you’ll spend with them, who will care for them in your absence, and what sites and activities you’ll enjoy together.  If school will be missed, plan ahead with the teachers.


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Traveling with our Children

"I’ve been traveling with my son since he was 13 weeks old and I love it!  Actually, I discovered that traveling with my child was easy for I was already committed to including him.  I find it a challenge to plan ahead and anticipate his needs... and well rewarded with fun, family adventures." -- Publisher/Editor Deb Cornick 

    So, what do we parents who travel with our children know that others don’t?


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