Jan 23rd
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Home Travel Guide Travel Guide Topics Fun Family Adventures

Fun Family Adventures

Summer Family Adventures

Raft the whitewater in Idaho; dig for dinosaurs in Colorado; bike the San Juan's; sail the Chesapeake Bay; camp with Indians in Alaska; spot African wildlife on a safari in Texas; train to be an astronaut; and trek a northwest wilderness area with llamas

Spring Family Adventures

Spend time down on the farm in Vermont; canoe among alligators in Georgia; frolic with dolphins in the Bahamas; take to the slopes at Whistler; cruise the Big Red Boat; and hike and camp Utah's Arches

Fall & Winter Family Adventures

Step back in time to Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts; snorkel among Florida's manatees; discover where millions of Monarch butterflies roost in Mexico; camp out with a ghost in England; celebrate Day of the Dead in Latin America; and travel by train to view hundreds of polar bear in Canada.

Winter Adventures - Snow & Sand

Winter Adventures - Snow & SandWinter Family-Fun Adventures – Grab the kids and head for Snow-Packed Mountain Slopes for skiing and snowboarding or Sun-Drenched Tropical Isles for snorkeling and surfing. Plan now, take a family-fun getaway to the snow or sand for the holidays!

Fun Family Adventures

Winter & Spring Family Adventures -- Great locations to view the solar eclipses; reach out and touch fluffy, white baby Harp seals in Canada; dogsled in Minnesota; explore Florida's Everglades National Park; and fun ideas for where to celebrate Year 2000

Spot the Spout

Whale watching adventures in Alaska; Hawaii; Baja, Mexico; Dominican Republic; Gulf of St. Lawrence; and Pacific and Atlantic coasts

Favorite Family Tours

Family Favorites--Travel specialists share their popular family adventures. Discover a variety of family-pleasing vacations for toddlers to grandparents. Research chimpanzees in Washington; track lemon sharks off Bimini; observe wild horses on Assateague Island; tour the land of the midnight sun; explore the enchanting Galapagos; spend Christmas with a family in Nepal; discover yourself while canoeing the wilderness in the north country; and see Alaska by land, air and sea.

High Seas Adventures

Down river sojourns and lake frolics are sure to be family vacation winners. Whether aboard a traditional cruise ship, smaller eco-cruise, chartered sailboat, riverboat, barge or houseboat--chances are you and the family will be back for more! Discover the variety of floating home adventures that await your family.

Family Ski Resorts

Discover these 23 less known family ski areas.

Rollercoasters around America

Year of the Rollercoaster - Celebrate with these amusement parks: Holiday World & Splashin” Safari, Knoebels Amusement Resort, and Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

Train Travel Fun

All... Aboard... Catch a train ride to family fun throughout the U.S.

Family Ski Resorts

Discover these 23 less known family ski areas.
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Where was Solomon born?

This is Solomon, a new born Humpback whale. He provided hours of entertainment for our group of whale watchers. Where was Solomon born? Click here to find out.

Tips, Tricks & Tactics

...ideas to consider 

Tips on how to safely play under the summer's sun
and in the winter's cold.



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