Jan 21st
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Summer Adventures

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Summer Adventures
Unique Getaways for the Whole Family

Goonies, Boobies and...

Albatrosses clumsily land to your right, red-footed boobies roost in ironwoods to your left, frigatebirds soar over head and speckled terns nest underfoot... surround yourself in an island of sea birds... millions of them!  Midway Atoll attracts the world’s largest colony of Laysan albatross among countless other migratory and shore birds, endangered Hawaiian monk seals, threatened green sea turtles and spinner dolphins.  Like Galapagos Islands, wildlife show little fear to humans, providing an unique experience into the cycle of evolution.  This National Wildlife Refuge, located northwest of Hawaii and midway between Japan and California is now open to the public as one of the newest ecotourism destinations.  Human history also abounds: cable station buildings with the first around-the-world message in 1903; evidence of 1941 attack of Pearl Harbor; WWII’s decisive Battle of Midway in 1942, and Midway House, secret meeting place of Nixon and Thieu during the Vietnam War.  The once naval facility has been converted to comfortable lodging with meals served in the cafeteria.  Deep sea fishing and scuba diving are available.  Travel to Midway is limited to age 18 and older until October 1997 when it will be lowered to age 15.  Caution is necessary because of the intriguing but clumsy albatrosses that hit visitors during their take offs and landings!  (They are considering my suggestion of helmets
for the kids 15 and younger!!)  If interested and you have younger children, stay in contact, policy may change.


Learn with Mickey...
Mouse that is... at the Disney Institute in Disney World, Florida.  Each member of the family can design a customized vacation--packed full of exciting, new experiences.  Choose from a multitude of learning adventures:  shoot home videos the Disney way; learn what’s it like to be a radio disc jockey; digitize your own computer character; lend your voice to animation; explore the tastes around the world; create your own topiary; apply key fundamentals to your golf or tennis swing; climb a 26’ wall; discover Walt Disney, the storyteller.  This is a sampling of classes for ages 10 to adult.  At Camp Disney,  kids ages 7-15 can discover the illusion of makeup; how to make magic in the films; explore Discovery Island’s exotic and endangered animals and create a comic strip--to list just a few.  The Performing Arts and Film programs provide an opportunity to interact with noted artists and speakers.  Enjoy the full service spa and relax with live nightly entertainment. Baby sitting available.  Studio/bungalow/townhouse accommodations. Choose from several packages.  Basic Package (includes lodging, Institute programs, evening entertainment, 1 day/1ticket theme park) from $499 pp.


Become a “Bargee”...

and cruise along Europe’s quiet inland waterways, through lush forests and flowering countryside, past quaint villages, historic castles and chateaux with fertile vine-yards; catch sight of distant windmills among fields of tulips, glide under hump backed bridges and navigate ancient locks... all this and more with the Barge Lady.  Your family can choose from a fleet of privately owned charter barges (4-8 passengers) or hotel barges/river cruisers (12-24 passengers) with unique and fascinating itineraries and waterway routes in France, Britain, Holland, Belgium and British Isles. Enjoy comfortable accommodations: cabins with bath, roomy saloons and umbrella-shaded sundecks, some have exercise rooms, hot tub, pool and other amenities.  Tasty meals are a highlight.  You’ll lei-surely cruise the canal, stopping to explore waterside villages and sample wares at open air markets; bicycle or jog alongside the barge on towpaths; help the lock-keeper turn the gates and just admire the sights as you relax on sun drenched decks.  Each day brings special excursions of discovery into history, culture and beauty of the area.  Family chartered barges can be customized--from meals to activities.  Fleet listing with pricing available; also inquire for specific interests.


101W. Grand Ave., #200, Chicago, IL 60610  


Where was Solomon born?

This is Solomon, a new born Humpback whale. He provided hours of entertainment for our group of whale watchers. Where was Solomon born? Click here to find out.

Tips, Tricks & Tactics

...ideas to consider 

Tips on how to safely play under the summer's sun
and in the winter's cold.



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