Jan 22nd
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Fall & Winter Family Adventures

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Fall & Winter Family Adventures
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Fun Family Adventures
Unique Getaways for the Whole Family

Step back to 1830... really! Stroll through a rural New England town, Sturbridge Village, and watch as blacksmiths forge tools, farmers mend fences, cooks bring bread from fireplace ovens, and many other authentically costumed staff attend a 200 acre village.   
    More than 40 historic structures were moved here from the surrounding area and with careful study of 19th century objects, letters, and diaries--an authentic depiction of this time has been recreated.  
    Walk down country roads, along fields, and through homes as they were then; attend a country school, shop at the country store, visit a bank, sawmill and shoe shop as well as many other restored buildings including a museum.  You’ll enjoy taking part in the daily life and celebrations of a community set in the early 1800’s.
    This autumn wander among the fall colors, join in the harvests and come November 27-28, feast on an authentically prepared meal in a traditional Thanksgiv-ing gathering (reservations are required). Special events occur
year round.
    A variety of accommodations are available nearby. Located appox. 1 hour from Boston, MA.  Admis-sion: Adults, $15; Seniors, $13.50; Ages 6-15, $7.50; Under 6, free.  

Sturbridge, MA  01566

Snorkel among Manatees... in the warm, clear spring waters of Florida’s Crystal River--winter home of the largest concentration of West Indian manatees in the world.  From October through March you’ll find these endangered mammals grazing for food in the year-round 72 degree waters of this National Wildlife Refuge area.
    The docile, whisker-faced aquatic mammal can reach a length of over 13 feet and a weight of over 3000 pounds.  You can snorkel and dive among these gentle creatures--learn of their playful ways and how best you can help protect them.  
    Several rivers and springs offer crystal clear visibility, some up to 100 feet, with underwater caves and caverns.  All are teeming with an abundance of fresh and salt water fish.  
    Above water from an airboat see bald eagles, ospreys, otters, raccoons, and bottle nose dolphins along with the natural beauty of the area.  
    Contact these tour operators for further information:  Aquamarine Images: 813-991-6217; Ameri-can Pro Dive: 352-563-0041; Birds Underwater: 352-563-2763; Crystal Lodge Dive Center: 352-795-6798.  Advanced reservations encouraged.

Crystal River Chamber of Commerce Crystal River, FL (80 miles N of Tampa)

Fly South on a Wing... A monarch’s wing that is... Originally a tropical butterfly, the Monarch must escape the chilly winters of Canada and U.S. migrating to warm climates of central Mexico.  They begin their 2500 mile journey south in late August, stopping only to fuel on flower nectar.  
    By early December, an estimated 100 million monarchs have arrived--roosting in large clusters on the branches and trunks of the oyamel trees.  There they rest until mid-February, when they become more active and mating begins.  By mid-March most monarchs have started moving northward again.
     The newly discovered  El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, is one of a dozen refuges in the highlands west of Mexico City.  You’ll find several approaches to this nature preserve, located 4 miles northeast of Angangueo, in El Rosario--dirt roads via 4-wheel drive; van and bus tours out of Morelia; hiking paths; and, plenty of locals offering passage for a fee.  
    Take binoculars and don‘t forget the camera, for this mesmerizing view... millions of monarchs hanging from branches--with one flutter--clouds of orange and black!

Mexico Tourism Office  


Where was Solomon born?

This is Solomon, a new born Humpback whale. He provided hours of entertainment for our group of whale watchers. Where was Solomon born? Click here to find out.

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