Jan 21st
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Fun Family Adventures
Close-to-Home Getaways for the Whole Family

Lumbering through  the Ozark Mountains are Willie, Toby, Tonga, and baby Batir, several African and Asian elephants found at Riddle’s Elephant & Wildlife Sanctuary, located on 330 acres near Greenbrier, Arkansas. This nonprofit organization was established by Scott and Heidi Riddle in 1990 and is dedicated to the preservation of elephants. It is currently the only facility offering a permanent home to any elephant in need, regardless of species, gender, age or disposition. For example, Willie came to the sanctuary from a small zoo, Tuffy from a circus, and Solomon from Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe after his family’s herd was culled. Caring for wild and trained elephants presents special challenges: their size, intelligence, and social structure teaches the sanctuary to in turn better educate the public as well as the professional elephant care community. You can visit the elephants on the first Saturday of every month between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. There is a $5 admission donation per person, children under two are free. Those 18 and older can attend a weekend workshop and learn first hand what it takes to care for the elephants. The workshop fee of $550 includes lodging and meals.

P.O. Box 715, Greenbrier, AR 72058

Explore a New Culture  with Journeys into American Indian Territory and experience the ways and traditions of various tribes of Native Peoples at a weekend workshop in the Lower Catskill Mountains of New York. Join in the celebration featuring music, story telling, lectures, Native foods, crafts, traditional games and dance and the opportunity to talk with Indian people about their cultures. You and the kids can choose from a variety of Native American activities including workshops like The Spirit of Indian Art; Tipi construction; Teachings and Life ways; Creating Sacred Space; Iroquois Games and Stories; Cheyenne Warrior Traditions, and much more. The facility is located on 372 acres, which includes Escopus Creek, Cathedral Gorge, and Cathedral Falls and offers swimming, canoeing, hiking and fishing. Choose to stay in a modern bunkhouse or camp in your own tipi. The Center of the Sacred Circle workshop is offered August 22 - 24, 2003. Fees for adults, $390, and kids under 18, $195, include lodging, all meals (choice of Native and non-Native foods), workshops, and all events. Other workshops are also available.

P.O. Box 575, Eastport, NY 11941

Make Friends with Wild Orcas in the pristine and protected Johnstone Strait between northern Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia with the Orca Project. Dr. Randall Eaton, director of the project and re-nowned researcher of Orcas has resumed study at his wilderness camp on West Cracroft Island. You and your family can join his research team and help collect data while learning about the ocean’s dominate predator. As pods of resident Orcas swim off shore from the camp, you’ll observe the gentle devotion between adults and adolescents as well as their curiosity and reverence toward man. For a more personal Orca moment, slip on a wet suit and go for a swim with the giant dolphins. When not interacting with the whales, you and the kids can hike the island’s lush woods and striking shoreline to spot eagles, sea birds, sea otters, Dahl porpoise, seals and sea lions, and Gray and Minke whales; explore the colorful tide pools; fish for salmon; dig for clams; dive for abalone; kayak the narrow strait; and snorkel or dive the rocky coves. Learn about the sacred ways of the Kwakwaka’wakw natives and their ancient bond with the Orcas. Enjoy a boat tour of the Johnstone Strait watching pods of Orca hunt fish, spy hop, and breach. After a freshly prepared meal, gather around the campfire under a starry night sky and share your day’s adventures, learn of native legends, or listen to the sounds of the night. Then curl up in your tent in a comfy sleeping bag for a good night’s sleep. You can either fly into Port Hardy, B.C. or take the scenic route from Seattle by car and ferry into Telegraph Cove. Four 6-day expeditions: July 25, August 5, 15, 25. Adults, $900; Students, $700; and Kids ages 12 and under, $500. Family rates available.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Looking for a Celebration... then head for the city by the bay, San Francisco. Pier 39,one of the city’s popular attractions is celebrating its 25th anniversary. While strolling through this waterfront marketplace you can view San Francisco Bay including Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Angel Island; enjoy the varied entertainment provided by street performers; grab a painted horse on the two-tiered handcrafted carousel, a seat in the Turbo Ride Simulation Theater, or a joy stick at the Riptide Arcade; venture through 300 feet of tunnels surrounded by 700,000 gallons of water and spot sharks, rays, eels, giant octopus and a variety of fish at the Aquarium of the Bay; cruise to Alcatraz or fly over the Bay in a seaplane; and don’t miss those world-famous California sea lions – hundreds hang out on the adjacent docks. While protected they snooze the day away, waking to feast on the herring in the bay and to entertain the crowds with their antics. You can browse the 110 specialty shops and dine in some 31 restaurants and cafes. Holidays and special occasions add more festivities to the marketplace. Then it’s off to discover more of San Francisco.

Beach Street and The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA 94133

Plunge into Spring with oodles of events and activities at Niagara Parks and the Canadian and American six-weekend long celebration of spring from May 18- June 3. From free concerts, fireworks, and parades to walks, runs, cycle trips, food fairs and art shows – find over 200 events to choose from on both sides of the border. You and the kids can also explore the tremendous power and beauty of Niagara Falls from behind the falls, along the river’s edge, and from a suspended cable car and boat, even at night, illuminated in colored lights. Then walk through a tropical rainforest where brightly colored butterflies flutter about. Enjoy the sweet fragrance that fills the Lilac Garden with 1200 plants from late May to mid June. Stroll through the Botanical Gardens with herbs, vegetables, roses, and rock gardens along with fine collections of ornamental trees and shrubs. In the Mosaiculture Garden you and the kids can ogle at hundreds of living plants pruned into “larger than life” sculptures. You’ll find history abounds in the area, from tours of homesteads and forts to spectacular historical re-enactments. Wilderness areas are rich with wildlife and awesome views, including trails for hiking.

P.O. Box 150, Niagara Falls
Ontario, Canada  L2E 6T2 


Where was Solomon born?

This is Solomon, a new born Humpback whale. He provided hours of entertainment for our group of whale watchers. Where was Solomon born? Click here to find out.

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