Jan 21st
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Home Travel Guide Travel Guide Topics Featured Adventures Canada African Lion Safari Adventure

Canada African Lion Safari Adventure

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Grandpa's Family Vacation at African Lion Safari

The African Lion Safari, Canada’s original safari travel adventure is located an hour’s drive from Toronto or Niagara Falls. It is one of my most memorable family vacations with my grandkids.

“Will we be seeing bears, hippopotamuses, lions and tigers?” my eldest grandson, Laith, excitedly asked.

My daughter Leila who lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania brought her four children, ranging in ages from 5 to 12, to spend their summer holidays with their The lioness poses for a photo while resting in the shade.grandparents in Toronto. As a treat, I was taking my grandkids, their mother and aunt Muna, on an adventure for city-bred kids.

Imagine seeing hundreds of species of birds and animals from all over the world roaming free on a 750-acre reserve replicating the animals’ natural settings?

The African Lion Safari Park, located midway between the Canadian cities of Kitchener and Hamilton is a zoo in reverse! It cages the visitors in their autos instead of placing the animals in enclosures. The Park attracts and entertains nearly 500,000 visitors a year.  

The African Lion Safari Park was the brainchild of Colonel G.D. Dailley who founded it in 1969.  He is responsible for establishing sThe giraffe and zebra are curious about the cars.imilar parks in other countries, where visitors can view wildlife from the safety of their vehicles. In the 41 years of the Park’s existence, officials have been successful in breeding 30 endangered species and 20 more species, considered threatened.

The gates to the African Lion Safari, a family operated venture had just opened when, after paying an entrance fee, the kids and I entered the grounds of one of North America’s top wild animal private parks. The grandkids, full of chatter were excited to begin our journey.

A well-marked road led us on 6 miles of trail roads through the wildlife preserve.

“Look!  Read this!” My second-eldest grandson, Mazin, shook my shoulders and pointed to a sign, ‘If you want to be eaten, keep your windows open’.  To emphasize this further, one of the park’s rangers stopped and reminded us, “Make sure you keep your windows closed.”

“Can we leave them open The elephants enjoy their afternoon bath.just a bit?  We want to take some photos.”  My youngest grandchild, Shaadi asked the park ranger.

“No son. The animals love to try to pry open the windows. They figure that there are treats inside.

The Park is divided into six game reserves. Our first stop was to take a photo of a family of lions by the roadside.

“Look! Look! There’s a monkey on our windshield.” Mazin shouted.

“Don’t worry! It won’t hurt anyone. It’s only looking for food.”

Ostriches roam about the park's wildlife.“Look! There’s another monkey!  And another!”  The kids’ mother, Leila was pointing in all directions. Perched on our hood, on the trunk and a top the cars around us were baboons everywhere.  It was as if we were driving through the Planet of the Apes.

Just then one of the baboons climbed onto the mirror and began to pound on our car window. The baboons’ antics seemed to scare the grandkids.

“Aren’t they beautiful animals?  They won’t harm you.” I tried to reassure the kids as we drove on to view the cheetah and lions resting in the shade and ostriches, rhinos, wildebeest, yaks, zebras, and eland grazing in the distance. My grandkids enjoyed viewing the wildlife from a far, not having to worry about monkeys crawling in opened windows.

The Park’s wildlife appeared to be tame and comfortable with the hundreds of daily visitors.

“Would you take us there again?” asked my grandkids. I had such a great time at the park with my grandkids that I look forward to another visit.

More Information:

African Lion Safari
RR #1 Cambridge, Ontario, Canada N1R 5S2.

The Park is open from May 5 to October 8, 2012
Phone: 1-800-461-WILD (9453)

~Habeeb Salloum is a Canadian freelance writer and author who specializes in writing food, history and travel articles. Besides 7 books and 19 chapters in other books he has hundreds of articles published relating to these subjects.  He can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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