Jan 21st
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Join CW in Eleuthera, Bahamas

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Bahama Mama
...from the journals of CW Bryant (age 10)

August 12...
     Eight hours, 4 airports, 3 planes, 1 squall and here I am... at Club Med in Eleuthera, Bahamas.   
     The Atlantic Ocean is so warm and the beach goes on forever! There’s a garden all around the
resort with big blooming flowers, tropical trees, funny lizards, little frogs, beautiful butterflies, cool bugs... I found a neat spider and yea... coconuts trees, my favorite.
    Wow, the village center has a huge swimming pool, a stage and  restaurant.
    Dinner was great, lots to choose from, even a “just for kids buffet” with a “make it yourself” sundae cart.  You get to sit with different people at each meal... I’m going to make lots of friends from all over the world.
    GOs, “Gentils Organisateurs” (that’s French), are college kids from different countries who work at Club Med. They’re here to make sure we all have a good time.
    You’ll never guess... we don’t use money here, just a bracelet of beads to buy snacks and drinks. I like that!
August 13...
     I have the best time at snorkeling.  Schools of sargent majors swam all around us and grabbed at the bagel crumbs we gave them.      
    Then the big groupers came out of their holes.  They’re scary looking with great big mouths.  They chased us for not only a piece of the bagel-- they wanted the whole bag!  That’s when mom and I would scram for the beach.
    We made a really cool octopus out of sand.  People stopped to look at it.  One person even took a photo.
    I got really embarrassed today... Did you know that French women sunbathe “topless”?

August 14...

     We rode an old bus through this neat little village to get to the marina.   The locals use the bus, too, and they are really friendly.  I have lots of fun joking around with the maids and gardeners here at Club Med.
    We went snorkeling at the marina, I saw a weird looking jellyfish, an awesome stingray and lots of colorful starfish too.   
    My new friend Matt and I had fun jumping off the dock into the clear blue water.  Mom took lots of pictures of us, of course!

August 15...
    What a blast... today I inner-tubed behind a speed boat!  Then Philippe, one of the GOs, gave Mom and I a sailing lesson.  He’s lots of fun.  I liked the part when we tipped the boat over... on purpose!
    More fun... our “beached” shark  won first place in the sand castle contest!  I was awarded this cool medal... it sure pays to practice.      

August 16...

    I tried to do the circus workshop, but it wasn’t scheduled for today, so then I searched for treasure with the GOs and several other kids.
    One of my favorite things about Club Med is the after dinner show. The GOs are really good singers and dancers, plus the skits are
always funny.   
    Tonight the GOs got mom up on stage... she pounded out the beat to “She’ll be Coming Around the Mountain” with a broomstick.  I thought it was funny until she waved... at me!

August 17...
     This was our 4th time out with the GOs on the snorkeling boat.  They take you to some pretty cool spots.  Today we went to Barracuda Island and there really were barracuda!  They are big and you could see their teeth.  But the GOs say it’s safe to swim with them...
I hope!
August 18...

    I can’t believe it, we’re on our way home. It was too short and I’m going to miss my new friend Matt.  We’ll write and maybe get together next summer.
    I had collected a bunch of frogs and put them in a jar, so this morning I had to say goodbye and set them loose in the garden.
    My duffel bag is stuffed... I found a lot of neat stuff to take home, like seashells, driftwood;  I even tried to sneak a lizard... but darn, I got caught!
    Mom asked me if I would like to go back...
     “Yep,” I said, “and when?”    
Bahama Mama’s son,    
CW Bryant

    Vacation Details:

•  Club Med - Eleuthera

•  Quiet Bahamian island located southeast of Florida.

•  Family village catering to children, ages 1-11 years.

•  Water and land sports activities for adults and children.

•  Two and three-story beach and garden-front lodgings with air-conditioning.

•  Meals, lodging and most planned activities are included in package price.    

•  Special Savings available.

•  For more information: 1-800-Club-Med, http:// 


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