Jan 21st
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Yucatan Peninsula with CW

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Yucatan Peninsula with CW
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Mom, the Mayans & Me!
...from the journals of CW Bryant (age 10)

August 4...

    After spending four great days on Cozumel, Mexico we hopped the ferry to the  Yucatan Peninsula.  We sat on top in the sun with a lot of other families, mostly Mexican.  A mom and two little girls offered us these strange looking cherries to eat; they were nice.  As we came to Playa Del Carmen, I saw a bunch of boys jumping off the dock into the clearest, blue green water I’ve ever seen.  We rented a VW bug and stopped at the food market, then we were on our way to Akumal (The Place of the Turtle).  Wow, our condo is neat, it looks out on the Caribbean and there’s a hammock on the patio.  We tried out the water right away!  I’m going to like it here.
August 5...
     Last night it rained so hard that Mom and I woke to a swimming pool in the bedroom!  Doris, the manager, is from back home, but now lives here.  Cool!   She had our window fixed.  Since it was still raining we decided to see Coba.  By the time we got there the rain stopped and the sun was shining.  Coba is a huge Mayan city mostly covered now with earth and jungle.  We walked along paths through the jungle to several ruins; we climbed Nohoch Mul, the tallest pyramid on the Peninsula--12 stories!  We could see forever, way over the jungle and lakes.  I made Mom nervous every time I leaned over the edge!  We explored underground tunnels and chambers, tried reading big stone carvings and even played “what if”... among the Mayan ruins.  Through the jungle we saw huge blue butterflies everywhere, colorful birds, and heard their loud but neat sounds.  I found a dead bat along the path, (that was neat...) but what was really cool were the long lines of leaf cutting ants carrying chomped off pieces of leaves to their burrows.  Watch out for the guard ants, they have big pinchers!  Ouch!  Mayan families still live around Coba in thatched huts.  The kids were out playing with their dogs.
August 6...

     It’s sunny and we spent the day snorkeling and swimming off our beach.  It’s really nice, gobs of fish to see, and so close to a snack in the refrigerator.  I tried a siesta in the hammock... but there’s too much to see and do!   We walked a short distance to Yalku Lagoon.  It  had tons of fish, especially colorful  parrot fish; and the iguanas were everywhere, sunning on the rock edges... except when I was after them!  In Akumal, there’s an ice cream shop... “yum,” a dive shop, hotel, and market.  We learned that a local woman up the road sells fish and chicken.  Tonight some neighbor kids and I were exploring the grounds around our condo and were we ever surprised... then scared.  We saw a coral snake!  We stayed far back and watched him slither off into the bush. Can’t  wait to tell my friends back home.

August 7...
    Xelha (shell-haah) was on for today.  It’s a cenote, a lagoon of both fresh and salt water.  Great snorkeling, you can see forever.  We saw stingrays and followed them as their wings kicked up the white sand.  We dove into caves and circled reefs, always with fish following.  I liked jumping off the rocks into the water.  What a day, it was really fun.  On the way home we stopped off to see the turtle lady.  She lives in a camper right on the beach.  She runs a turtle nursery, a patch of sand with stakes marking buried eggs (green and loggerhead turtles).  Next to this are vats of water, full of baby turtles!  They’re so cute.  The turtle lady explained how they were endangered and she was making sure they hatched and returned
to the sea safely.  She showed us an albino and a two headed turtle who’ll always live at her nursery.  What a cool lady.   

August 8...

    We have to make sure not to drink the water, even when we brush our teeth.  Mom read about eating garlic and lime to help prevent getting sick.  We have a slice of each several times a day... good thing we like garlic!  After breakfast we took off for Xpuha (ish-poo-hah), a beach down a road through the jungle.  We were almost the only ones on the beach.  I had fun with a local boy collecting tiny glass beads from the sand.  For dinner we stopped at this great tamale shack in Akumal.  We got some to go... as Mom put it “tamales ala vamoose!”  Back home, I was out exploring the beach again.  Wow, I came running in with the neatest find... a baby turtle!  He had gotten caught in the bushes; we didn’t know what to do... then I thought about the turtle lady.  She was happy to see us, she said at night the lights from the condos confuse the turtles and when they hatch, instead of  heading for the moonlit ocean, they get caught in the bushes.  I felt really good that night... I saved a turtle.  


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