Jan 22nd
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Exploring Las Vegas, NV

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Exploring Las Vegas, NV
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City Beat
Exploring Las Vegas, NV

    Las Vegas, NV--from conservative Mormon settlement to illuminating entertainment mecca, where anything goes and usually does.
    Located in the high desert of Nevada amid sagebrush and sand, the once deserted silver rush town of the 1800’s was first revived by ranching and railroad in 1905; the unemployed of the Great Depression flocked here for work in the construction of Hoover Dam; then, the legalization of gambling took effect in 1931.   
    After WWII, big casinos sprang up, and ever since the “bigger is better” theme keeps driving Las Vegas to tantalize, wow, and entertain, all in the name of gambling.
    With the popularity of family travel, Las Vegas now offers kids and parents the biggest playground around with deals, packages and offers galore.  What a show... what entertainment!
    Between the glitz and bedazzle, families can take time to explore the many historical and cultural exhibits offered throughout the area.

Las Vegas Strip - The following resorts and attractions are located on the 31/2- miles of Las Vegas Boulevard, known as “the strip.”  (listed from south to north).

Luxor is architecturally amazing!  A massive sphinx guards the en-trance to a 30 story pyramid of some 2,500 rooms that surround a vast atrium.  Elevators travel at 39 degree angles up and down the inner slopes of the structure, barges cruise passengers along a “River Nile” and the world’s most powerful beam of light illuminates the night’s sky.  Discover a full-scale reproduction of King Tut’s Tomb and treasures and the Secrets of the Luxor Pyramid, a 3-part attraction--flight-assimilator ride, 3-D effects, and the IMAX theater.  
More Information:  (800) 288-1000

Excalibur  is a castle, moat, and drawbridge; fire-belching dragons, armored knights, and Merlin and his magic greet travelers, along with a medieval village of magicians, jugglers, and musicians.  A hit with the kids is the Magic Motion Machine.  Families will find plenty of affordable rooms, food, and entertainment. Swimming pools, waterfalls and slides add to the enjoyment.  At King Arthur’s Tournament you can dine while watching knights on horseback joust with swords to win the hand of the princess, then celebrate with much merriment and festivities.
More Information:  (800) 937-7777

MGM Grand is the largest in the world--112 acre resort hotel!  It includes some 5000 rooms decorated in Hollywood or Wizard of Oz style, eight restaurants, showrooms, youth activity center, arcade, huge swimming pool, 7 story re-creation of the Emerald City and a 33 acre theme park, Grand Adventures with adventure rides like the SkyScreamer, Grand Canyon Rapids, Chaos, Zipper, Over the edge; and, shows of Dueling Pirates, Magic Illusion, and acrobats.
More Information:  (800) 929-1111

New York, New York is a step right into the Big Apple--neon lighted city streets, colorful alleys, cafes, shops and crowds.  The Manhattan Express is a 20 story climb, 144 foot fall, barrel rolls, loops, high banked turns; and, sure to leave you screaming, rollercoaster!
More Information:  (800) 693-6763

Caesars Palace is Rome in all its opulence--elaborate columns, ornate archways, lavish fountains and pools, and marbled statues are seen throughout.  At the Forum Shops, statues of Apollo, Venus, Bacchus and Mars come to life with the help of special effects to entertain the whole family.  Find great shopping and fun activities here too.  You can see movies in the domed-shape Omnimax Theater and make dining a magical ex-perience at Caesars Magical Empire.
More Information:  (800) 634-6661

Imperial Palace Automobile Museum is a collection of antique, classic and special-interest automobiles--over 250 on display.  
More Information:  (702) 731-3311

Treasure Island is a step off the plank into a Caribbean fantasy--pirates, treasure chests, a pirates’ armed fort and bayside village. In Buccaneer Bay, a spectacular sea battle is waged between British frigate, Britannia and pirate ship, Hispaniola.  Amid canon fire and thunder, dueling pirates and sailors--it’s a show not to miss (shown every 90 minutes, 4pm-11:30-free)! Kids will have fun in Mutiny Bay, an electronic game arcade and the swimming area with pools, waterfalls and slides.  Mystere is a circus production performed by the amazing Cirque du Soleil.
More Information:  (800) 944-7444

The Mirage is an adventure into a lush tropical rainforest amid varieties of tropical plants--orchids, palms, and bananas; lagoons, pools, plunging waterfalls; even an erupting 54 foot volcano (several times nightly-free).  Kids will delight in the huge coral reef aquarium, home to colorful fish from around the world, including sharks!  Learn about bottlenosed dolphins, as they frolic in a 1.5 million gallon saltwater tank.  And watch White Tigers jump from rock ledges and swim in their own jungle pool. The white tigers and elephants perform with illusionists, Siegfried and Roy, seen also at the hotel.  
More Information:  (800) 627-6667

Las Vegas Hilton is where you’ll find Star Trek: The Experience, a space flight simulation ride and the amusement center.  
More Information:  (800) 222-5361

Wet’n Wild, provides hours of outdoor fun amid 500,000 gallons of churning, surging and spouting water. Enjoy wave pools, rapids, slides, falls, rivers, lakes and even a mechanical surfboard--all under the hot summer Nevada sun!  Great for all ages.  Note:  Take along plenty of sun protection.
More Information:  (702) 734-0088



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