Jan 22nd
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Baby & Me

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Baby & Me travel or not?

    I’m quite often asked the questions... “Do we dare travel with our infant?  Where can we go and what do we do with our toddler?”
    I encourage parents to start traveling with their children as young as possible.  The specific travel may not be remembered but the learning experiences are invaluable!  
    As parents we are never armed with all the answers, in turn we seek out the answers to our questions, we ask for help, and quite often learn from trial and error.  The same holds true when traveling with our children.
    Your child not only loves the company of mommy and daddy, he or she needs your closeness and attentiveness.  You are their life, security, and how they see the world now.  You set the mood for any new experience.  And, because your child is only concerned with being with you, my suggestion is to pick a destination or adven-
ture you’re interested in.  Then... share it with your child!
     The rewards are immense for you and your child as is the success of future travel if you spend this time together.  
    Infants are the easiest, for the most part all they need are a full stomach, clean diaper and snugly lap or shoulder for sleeping.  You can place your baby in a front baby pack and off you go visiting the sites.  Keeping to a reasonable schedule will help to ensure an enjoyable vacation experience.  
    Toddlers are curious about life--topped off with boundless energy!  Introduce them to the sights, sounds, and smells of a rose or botanical garden; watch them giggle with delight as they sit naked in the warm sands, the gentle surf tickling their feet; chase them about the ruins, scurrying back to the picnic blanket to grab another bite of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich; backpack through towering trees, across hilltop meadows, seduced into slumber by the rhythmic walk and fresh country air; make up stories to paintings as you roam about the art museum or treat them to the colorful stories found in every history museum; and enjoy the attention the little ones always seem to attract, especially abroad.
        Where you go, how long you stay and the enjoyment derived will depend on how creative you are.  Kids are very adaptable and enjoy new experiences so long as you are at their sides.     
    Sites and attractions need to be offered in small doses.  Take cues from your child, know when to move on to another sort of play, or know when it’s time to wrap it up for a bite to eat or a nap.  It’s important to keep to your child’s normal schedule as much as possible while traveling--this keeps him or her rested and provides a sense of routine and security.    
    Travel with your children... approached with the right attitude, with the right preparation and with continued effort allows you to see and experience the world with wide open eyes and a welcoming heart.

--Deb Cornick


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