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Home Travel Guide Current Travel Guide Current Travel Guide Kauai, Hawaii - Films & Family Adventure

Kauai, Hawaii - Films & Family Adventure

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Kauai, Hawaii - Films & Family Adventure

      While watching George Clooney in the movie, Descendants, my husband, Eric said “I’m booking our next family vacation to Kauai.” We discovered that the cast stayed at the St. Regis Princeville Resort, blessed We had the best time at St. Regis Princeville Hotel on Kauai, Hawaii.with a picturesque 5,000-square-foot infinity pool and a sheltered beach for snorkeling.
     My husband found a reasonable package online which included air, car rental and three nights at the St. Regis Princeville Resort.

      Two months later our family was on a flight to Kauai, landing in Lihue. As we drove from there to Princeville, on the north side of the island, we noticed the dramatic tropical trees—all colors of verdant greens and emeralds-- and gorgeous aquamarine waters. The sandy beaches invited us to swim, snorkel and sunbathe.

      Arriving at the St. Regis Princeville Hotel, we were greeted by a valet, Matt, who welcomed us placing shell leis around our necks. “You have arrived at one of the most beautiful places on earth,” he exclaimed with a smile.
You can find many fresh water pools like this historical Queen's Bath.

      Built in 1985, on one of the most premiere locations on the island, the lovely hotel overlooks Bali Hai Beach. Large windows in the lobby look out to the majestic green cliffs of the Napali coast. At sunset the view is especially dramatic. Two butlers from the hotel celebrate sunset by blowing a conch shell and slicing off the cork of a bottle of champagne with a sharp saber sword.

      Once into our spacious room with golf course and bay views, we slipped on bathing suits and strolled to the swimming pool next to the beach. A small wedding was taking place next to a romantic canopy of Hawaiian flora and fauna. For dinner that evening we drove to the small town of Hanalei and found Dolphin Restaurant, recommended by a staff member. With a slight wait for a table, we sat outside and enjoyed a couple of appetizers. The restaurant is known for its fresh sushi, Ono plate and poke.

      After dinner we walked around Hanalei. We learned that scenes of the St. Regis Princeville resort and a beach house featured in Descendants, were filmed here.

      The next day after a
Katie makes friends with a sea cucumber at Hideaway Beach.light breakfast at the hotel, we walked just past the St. Regis entrance to a public pathway down to Hideaway Beach, a secluded public beach. Walking down the path can be tricky at times, especially after a rain but the slippery slope offers hand tied ropes as a railing to hold on to. The beach is spectacular.

      We snorkeled at this beach every morning and viewed the coral playground filled with purple sea cucumbers and the Hawaiian Trigger fish, Humuhumunukunuku apua'a.

      For lunch we drove to Kilauea Fish market, a favorite local spot, for fresh fish tacos located at 4270 Kilauea Rd. Suite F.

      A short drive toward the coast is Kauai’s northern-most point and the historic Kilauea Lighthouse. Celebrating its 100th year, the scenic lighthouse was recently refurbished. This area is also a preserve for hundreds of sea birds. You can often spot whales, seals, dolphins and sea turtles at the point.

      Nearby, the Kauai Mini Golf is a botanical garden filled with lush Hawaiian flowering plants and shrubs. Some of the golf holes were challenging with water hazards and an erupting volcano. You can rent bicycles here too.

     The next day we visited the Queen's Bath not far from the hotel. The dirt path is an easy walk and the cascading waterfalls are beautiful. Sea turtles the size of truck tires float lazily
Touring the Kipu Ranch on ATV. in the sea pools and graze next to the green cliffs.

      Next, we drove along Kuhio Highway, to the end of the road, where we admired sea caves and white sandy beaches. The north side of Kauai feels the most Polynesian with its jagged canyons, taro fields and verdant tropical forests.

      You’ll want to stop at Tunnels Beach, another favorite snorkel spot, where we saw yellow tang, angelfish and pretty butterfly fish within minutes after stepping into the warm water. The highlight was swimming alongside an Hawaiian green sea turtle.

      For dinner we stopped in Hanalei on the way back to the hotel and dined at Postcards Café, known well for its farm fresh vegetarian options and Hawaiian cuisine.

     Eager to see more scenes from the
One of the many magnificent sunsets seen on Kauai. Descendants film we reserved an ATV tour at Kipu Ranch on our last day on Kauai. We learned that the 3,000-acre ranch was once owned by royalty. This is where George Clooney stood overlooking the majestic bay and estate that his character inherited. We discovered that it’s a two-hour white-knuckle adventure driving up the hills, down into valleys to glimpse the working cattle ranch. Many movies have been filmed around the ranch, so certain spots are very recognizable.

      Our last family adventure
was a memorable two-hour visit to the Kauai Humane Society. The volunteer director, Pam, welcomed us and asked, “Who wants to play with the puppies?” We walked dogs, played with the cats and even gave some loving attention to the horses out in the fenced pasture.

      Relaxed and satisfied with seeing many locations, scenes from the film Descendants, we flew back home with a new appreciation of the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

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~ Jill Weinlein is a freelance travel writer who enjoys traveling around the world with her family.

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