Jan 24th
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Summer 2002

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"Summer Adventures"
Make tracks to one of the world's largest areas to find dinosaur fossils; ride back into the Old
West aboard a covered wagon; camp out in the Everglades with the Seminole Indians; observe a
pack of wolves in the wild; and dig into the past for relics from an ancient Pueblo community.
"Postcards from You"
Join Frank and his family as they visit New York City.
Share their adventure in The Big Apple.

"Alaska--Cruising the Inside Passage"
Cruise aboard the Norwegian Wind with Robin and her family. Spot Humpback whales
bubblenet feeding; visit a Klondike tent city and pan for gold; see massive glaciers cascading to the sea;
canoe between icebergs in glacier fed lakes; and feast on a special buffet fit for a kid!

"Travelin' Grandma"
...takes the grandkids to New York State's vintage Hudson River Valley Region.
Take in the Second Annual Great Hudson River Paddle, Hudson River Valley Ramble,
Bicentennial of West Point, and American Revolutionary War 225th Anniversary.

"Jaunts around Europe"
Explore England and beyond with Marjorie and her family. Visit historic Scotland and
the picturesque east coast of Fife; discover England's quaint countryside in Dorset County;
and venture to Oxford to see a zoo, museum and gallery.

"A Journey into Mongolia with Sarah"
Travel with Mary Ellen and her niece Sarah on an exotic adventure to Mongolia.
Explore the Gobi Desert full of stunning scenery and amazing wildlife; visit the area where the
famous fighting dinosaurs were found; stay in a Ger camp and dine on tasty lamb and airag;
learn how to ride a "ship of the desert;" and enjoy an unusual performance of "throat singing."

"Tips, Tricks & Tactics"
Find tips that will put the fun in family car trips; tricks that will keep smiles on your kids' faces;
and tactics that will have everyone singing -- especially while driving down the road.

"Island Capers"
Check out these fun family resorts with Sylvie and her family.
Discover why Jamaica and the Bahamas are family favorites.

"Deb's Favorite Treks"
Adventure in and about the islands around the world. Spot whales off the San Juan Islands;
hike an ancient Hawaiian trail along the Na Pali coast; ride a tram to Victoria Peak high above
Hong Kong Island, camp in a National park overlooking the blue Caribbean waters;
and take an evening stroll through Corfu's picturesque Old Town.

"Kid's Korner"
Read the answers to Eric and Sam's questions, "Is there gold out there? If so, where? And, how
do you go about getting it?" Then, check out the latest book on where to find free tours!

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Where is Cody?

Cody is climbing down from a ceremonial cave in what National Park? Where is Cody? Click here to find out.

Tips, Tricks & Tactics

"Explore America"
with these adventures and cost saving ideas...

Find regional and national parks, scenic byways, reserves, recreational sites and resource areas that stretch coast to coast offering families hundreds of opportunities to explore this great land of America. "Explore America" with a sampling of 10 unique getaways and 12 cost saving ideas.


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