Jan 19th
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Winter 1998

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Headlines from the Winter ‘98 Issue

"Family Adventures"

Take a fantastic journey through England's fabled and beloved Nursery Rhymes. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall in Wales... Jack and Jill climbed a hill in Kilmersdon... and, in Wendover, Jack Jumped Over the Candlestick! Relive these delightful Nursery Rhymes and more!

Discover a wildness retreat for the whole family. This quaint inn nestled in the White Mountain National forest offers plenty of family-fun-time together with a variety of winter activities (try the new sport--skijoring!)

"Family Fun Resorts"
...for all seasons of the year! Catch the last of the spring snow; bask on a sun drenched Florida beach; ride high in the saddle along scenic trails; and snorkel among colorful fish in the warm Caribbean. These resorts offer families lots to see and do during the holidays, school breaks and summer vacations.

"Postcards from You"
Travel along with Kurt and his family on a most interesting trek through Costa Rica. Then, journey around-the-world with Frank, Daniella and their three young kids--share their most memorable experiences.

"Travelin' Grandma"

...takes to the road visiting Colonial Williamsburg. Join Myrna and her two grandkids as they explore historical sites andattractions of Williamsburg and Jamestown.

"Ask the Travel Agent"

What's in San Antonio for a family to see? How about North Carolina? How do you go about seeing Europe on a budget? What might small children enjoy in Rome, Italy? Where can a family stay in Vail? We're looking for resorts with kids' programs in Mexico? Is the Grand Canyon a good idea for January?

"Health Watch"
Keep your family healthy while on the road. Here's what to plan... Before you Travel. Ideas for... What to Bring Along, and precautions to take... During Your Travels.

"Mystic Copan"

Read about CW's magical adventure to the ancient Maya city of Copan in Honduras. Roam about the majestic temples; view intricately carved stelae; learn about the rulers and their conquests from detailed hieroglypics; and marvel at the feats of this once amazing civilization. CW encounters fun little creatures and unusual plants while learning some very interesting facts about the Maya.

"Island Capers"
Explore Bermuda--quaint pastel houses; flower lined streets; pink sand beaches; colorful nautical history; and, a warm friendly smile around every corner.

"Kids' Korner"
Join Halston on a very special family adventure. Learn about Academic Adventures--a great family travel aid. And... don't leave your pooch behind on family vacations--find out how to take him along!

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Where is the O'Conner family?

When the lakes freeze over, the O'Conner family are having winter fun at this unique hotel. Where is the O'Conner family?
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Dream Vacation Ideas
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Discover how fun it can be to plan that dream family vacation. Find a variety of ideas to help create your own dream list of fun adventures... take to the open road, hop a train, set sail, pitch a tent, stay in a resort, join a tour, learn about a new culture, and oodles more. Choose from a multitude of possibilities. Dreams are as endless as are vacation ideas. So, go ahead and Dream a little... 


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