Feb 19th
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The Gathering Place

...where families come together to share
travel experiences, advice and encouragement. Enjoy


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How to pack for a vacation.

How to pack for a vacation.

Hi Family Travelers...

At one time or another we all have packed too many clothes for a vacation, perhaps never even changing from a favorite pair of jeans or sun dress.  The more we travel, hauling our belongings with us, the more we realize how little we really need.

    Ideas to help streamline vacation packing...

•  Consider the type of trip you have planned--city touring or wilderness camping, hot and humid, or brisk and snowy?  What activities are planned--swimming, snow skiing, hiking, museum touring?   Will you be traveling out of the country?  How many days will you be gone?  How will you be traveling--by plane, car, boat or train?

•  Make a list of items (clothes, toiletries, medicines, toys) you might need!

•  Even if your trip is longer than one week, select enough clothes for just one week.  You can always do laundry along the way.

Find more tips at Packing ideas for a family vacation.

Please, share your packing tips. Thanks!

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