Jan 19th
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Tips, Tricks, Tactics

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Tips, Tricks, & Tactics

•  For most children, favorite activities on any kind of outing often involve heights, water, unusual modes of transportation and animals.

•  On  commercial airlines, the bulkhead seats, the first row in the cabin, are sometimes more comfortable for traveling families, because there’s more leg room.  All carry-on, however, will need to be stored overhead.

•  By following a high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet a few days before a trip you can help prevent motion sickness.

•  When stopping for the night at an unfamiliar hotel or motel, you can not only ask about rates and amenities,  you can ask to see your room before paying.  Even in expensive hotels this is a reasonable request.  Test the beds, check out the bathroom.  Ask to see another room if you don’t like the location of the first one.

•  Use games and simple activities to help cope with static time, such as when you and the kids are waiting in a line or for service at a restaurant.

•  Quality counts more than quantity where education is concerned.  A quick visit to the best part of the museum can be fine.  But don’t take the 2-hour guided tour unless the children are patient enough to listen to the whole story.  It’s usually best to quit while you’re ahead!

•  When your son or daughter is looking for you in a crowd and really wants to get your attention, have him or her call you “Jane” or “Jane Smith” instead of “Mom;” they’ll find you right away.


Where was Solomon born?

This is Solomon, a new born Humpback whale. He provided hours of entertainment for our group of whale watchers. Where was Solomon born? Click here to find out.

Tips, Tricks & Tactics

...ideas to consider 

Tips on how to safely play under the summer's sun
and in the winter's cold.



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