Jan 19th
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Tips, Tricks, Tactics

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Tips, Tricks, Tactics

Talk with your kids in advance of any getaway--be it to a restaurant or a week long vacation.  Discuss what they can expect from the outing and what behavior you will expect from them.

Traveling with children always will take longer than anticipated or calculated... is it Murphy’s Law, or theirs?!  At any rate, plan to arrive before any departure or any scheduled event well before the required time.  This will lower everyone’s stress level and help to ensure a relaxed and fun experience for all.

Use caution when handling reptiles at the petting zoo.  Salmonella is carried on the skin of snakes, lizards, turtles and if ingested can lead to serious illness.  Children under 5 and pregnant moms as well as those with immune system problems are at greater risk.  Any contact with a reptile should be followed with a thorough washing of hands with soap.

• Simplify your travel by limiting each member of the family to one airline carry-on size bag. If you plan and organize packing well ahead, you’ll find that one bag is plenty.  The kids will also enjoy and learn from this vacation preparation.

Always carry current, frontal view photos of your children.  If separated, this will help authorities in finding them.

Don’t forget the sun screen, hats and cover-ups when heading outdoors this summer. Sunscreens need to be reapplied regularly even if they’re waterproof.


Where was Solomon born?

This is Solomon, a new born Humpback whale. He provided hours of entertainment for our group of whale watchers. Where was Solomon born? Click here to find out.

Tips, Tricks & Tactics

...ideas to consider 

Tips on how to safely play under the summer's sun
and in the winter's cold.



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