Jan 22nd
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Tips, Tricks, Tactics

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Tips, Tricks & Tactics

• Don’t shy away from international travel...  Kids are always eager for new experiences--the opportunity to interact with kids from another culture provides new perspectives and experiences never forgotten.

• Make sure to enroll your little ones in their own frequent flyer account.  Also, you can add mileage from travel partners (hotel, rental car) to your child’s account.  Before you know it, the whole family will have free flights!

• Minor children traveling with grandparents or anyone other than the custodial parent need to have a notarized written medical release that authorizes medical care, if needed.

• Encourage the kids to write postcards to family back home.  Sharing reinforces the experience, brings to light aspects not considered, and identifies the highlights.  Have the kids send postcards to themselves, too!  It’s fun to come home to mail, brings back memories of the trip; they can be collected in a travel scrapbook; and, the affixed foreign stamps add to the fun.

• Along with preparing children for a vacation, that is... where, when, how long, with who, what activities, and such--also explain to the kids, how “home” rules and routines may change, like bedtime schedules, nap times, allowed snacks; also, discuss new travel rules that are expected to be followed.

• When traveling by car with the family, build in time to take the backroads or a new route to your destination.  New scenery, interesting sights, and a lesson in map plotting adds to the enjoyment; it also makes the time go by faster!


Where was Solomon born?

This is Solomon, a new born Humpback whale. He provided hours of entertainment for our group of whale watchers. Where was Solomon born? Click here to find out.

Tips, Tricks & Tactics

...ideas to consider 

Tips on how to safely play under the summer's sun
and in the winter's cold.



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