Jan 19th
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Home Resource Center Travel Tips Tips,Tricks & Tactics Tips to a Great Family Road Adventure!

Tips to a Great Family Road Adventure!

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Take to the Road on your Family Vacation.

    Vacations in the family car, van, or SUV offer lots of fun time together.  Plan an interesting route - take time for the back roads and even some of the smaller roadside attractions.  With maps, travel guides, and plenty of drive time entertainment on hand you’re ready to hit the road.
    Incidentals: The car should be road ready; kids are required to be in child car seats; try to keep to the kids’ normal schedule; and, have on hand trash bags, a small ice chest full of food and drink, and a well-stocked first aid kit.  
    If you plan to drive non-stop with younger kids, try to schedule night and nap time driving.

•  Infants are usually comforted by the hum of the motor and movement of the car.  Lay infant’s blanket in the car seat, prop the baby’s head with pillow and add one or two stuffed animals, rattles and toys.  Tinted glass or a shade on the window will help block the sun’s glare.  Breast feeding is ideal for travel.  Stop at scenic areas to feed, change diapers, and spend some cuddly moments with your baby.  Pack disposable diapers, formula supplies, jars of food, wipes--both cloth and moistened, plastic bags for soiled diapers, plenty of easy-to-wear clothing and other baby items in a conveniently placed bag.  You could also bring a food warmer and a food grinder.  A hook-on-table high chair, front baby pack and back pack carrier come in handy for toddlers, too.

•  Toddlers require frequent exercise stops, 20 minute breaks for every 2 hours of driving.  Parks provide play equipment, exploration and grassy areas for games like tag, soccer or frisbee.  Bring along a favorite stuffed animal, blanket, and pillow for each toddler.  Attach a toy organizer (approx. 2x3 ft. flap of sturdy material with many different sized pockets) to the back of the car seat in front of the child. Stash with favorite toys, books, legos, colors/color book, music tapes and player, puppets, a wrapped new toy, and finger foods (cherrios, fruit, bagels, string cheese, crackers, dried fruit) and small containers of fruit drink (sugary drinks make one thirsty and carbonation causes more toilet breaks).  Plan to entertain your child with I Spy games, reading stories, puppet play, and other favorites.  A picnic with plenty of running room is a better idea than the confines of a restaurant.  Stop around 5 pm, end the day with dinner, play, a leisurely bath and a bedtime story.

•  School age children also enjoy taking part in the travel adventure.  Teach them how to read a map and road signs; highlight your progress on a map; instruct kids in the use of a compass; learn how to calculate gas mileage and travel times; read together about sites you plan to visit.  Use the same car organizer, mentioned above, stashed with favorite toys, magnetic board games, playing cards, Etch-A-Sketch, electronic games, and CD player.  Include child’s pillow and blanket and pack plenty of healthy snacks and non-carbonated drinks.  Play the license plate game--the one who spots the most states, wins. Alpha-bet game--find words beginning with each letter of the alphabet from road signs to license plates --first one to reach Z wins. Bring the flashcards--great for practice. Collecting trinkets and memorabilia along the way is fun.  Stop as often as needed at parks to climb monkey bars, explore the area or play a game of tag, soccer, or frisbee.  Plan picnic stops rather than going to restaurants.  End your days around 5 pm at a hotel with a swimming pool--fun play after a long day of traveling.

•  Teens like to be involved--helping plot and track the route, figure mileage, travel times and gas stops, read up on sites you plan to visit, and if of age, help with the driving.  Read aloud an interesting book and put them in charge of the trip’s photo album.  Restaurants are fun stops as are picnics in a scenic site with a hike or game of football, soccer, or frisbee.  Teens are interested in hotels that offer a variety of entertainment and activities... located next to the excitement of downtown; with workout gym, pool, and arcade, or plenty of outdoor activities.  Again, a backpack of favorites - electronic gear, music, games, books, magazines, cards, crossword puzzles, and a journal.  Bring a pillow, plenty of healthy snacks and drink.  


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