Feb 23rd
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Great Family Vacations

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Great Family Vacations
...time and time again!

    A family vacation can be one of the most wonderful and remembered times of one’s life--longed to be repeated over and over.  It also can be a disaster... and never attempted again.  Planning... good planning... will make or break that family getaway!
    A family vacation can be costly and can involve as many varied likes and dislikes as there are family members.  As in any major purchase--consideration and planning are a must.

    Here are some questions to ask yourself as a family to help best plan your great family vacation...

    What do you want out of  this vacation?  Do you want to visit relatives, are you seeking an adventure or how about an educational experience?  Do you need rest and relaxation, want to escape from it all, be totally pampered and entertained or...?
    Who is coming?  Take into account all ages, from grandparents to infants.  Then list everyone’s special needs and concerns.
     Consider what you want as entertainment/activities.  Are there favorite options for everyone?  Are there opportunities to learn... a new sport/activity, an art, a skill, even a little history?  New experiences help make travel much more appealing.
    What are your basic needs?  Accommodations... are you looking forward to pitching a tent among the redwoods or just relaxing in a plush resort with a kid’s club?  Do you want to cook or eat out?  What kind of weather do you seek?  Do you need to be close to medical facilities?  Will crime be a problem?  Do you wish not to speak a foreign language?
    Do you want to be on the go or stay in one location?  Are you eager to take in the sights from city to city, campsite to campsite, packing and repacking or, rather to enjoy the facilities of a base home, taking day trips?
    Last but not least... How much time do you have?  How much do you want to spend?  How far do you want to travel and how do you plan to get there?  When considering these questions--over compensate, for on all vacations there can be the delays and the unforeseen added expenses.  Always be prepared for the unexpected!
        You now have a better idea of what you want from your vacation and you’re ready to use resources like “Have Children Will Travel” and other current publications; the internet; and, travel/tour agents to identify vacation ideas that best match your needs.  Travel agents are great resources for the more popular destinations and major resorts.  If you are looking for off-the-beaten-path, eco-tour, camping or more family-oriented trips, you may have to research, organize and book them yourself.   
    Above all... be flexible... there are no bad experiences when it comes to travel... just memorable adventures!

 ~Deb Cornick



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