Jan 19th
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Rewards & Opportunities

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Rewards & Opportunities
Traveling with our Children

    I’ve been traveling with my son since he was 13 weeks old and I love it!  Actually, I discovered that traveling with my child was easy for I was already committed to including him.  I find it a challenge to plan ahead and anticipate his needs... and well rewarded with fun, family adventures.  
    So, what do we parents who travel with our children know that others don’t?
    We Travel More “Because” of Our Children...  we aren’t complaining because there’s no one to watch the kids, we take them along!  We go when we want to, wherever we choose and for as long as we wish.

    The World is an Extension of Home and the Classroom... we learn about life by living it and we become worldly by traveling. We learn that we’re all more alike than we are different!  Besides, what’s more memorable than a firsthand experience?  Custer’s last stand comes to life when we stand on the battleground in southeastern Montana; seeing the green turtles in Mexico lay their eggs in the sand shows us the importance of protecting endangered species.

    Our Children Yearn to Explore... in turn they learn how to adapt better to life’s surprises.  From one experience to another, one question encourages another and another.  Meeting new people and visiting new cultures and new lands helps us and the kids develop appreciation for diversity and offers a perspective of our own place in a bigger world.

    Life Skills... the kids can learn to barter for goods, exchange foreign currency, speak other languages, travel by maps and schedules, become streetwise and develop an international palate of tastes.  We live it, learn from it, then apply our new knowledge and wisdom.  My son wrote in his  travel journal about an experience he had playing with a group of children of several different nationalities; everyone spoke a different language but they played and laughed together as they built a dam across a small creek that emptied into the ocean.  The kids learned lessons about both problem-solving and cooperation.

    Quality Time... often the most remembered times in a child’s life are with family--times of laughter, of quiet, of sorrow and of lessons learned.  Because family time is more and more limited in our fast-paced world, taking the kids along when we travel offers an abundance of ways to grow, as a family unit, and as individuals.


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