Jan 22nd
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Home Resource Center Travel Tips Planning Great Family Vacations

Great Family Vacations

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Great Family Vacations 
...time and time again!

    The family vacation can be one of the most wonderful and remembered times of one’s life – longed to be repeated over and over. Great family experiences don’t just happen--they’re planned.

     Because of our busy lifestyles, time together with the kids is precious and we expect the most from our family vacations. This requires good planning–key to a successful family getaway. Traveling can be costly and can involve as many varied likes and dislikes as there are family members. In any major purchase–consideration and planning are a must.

    Gather the whole family together for a vacation planning pow wow. The kids will feel a part of the decision process but will have fun brainstorming and coming up with all sorts of ideas. Grab a pad and pen and jot down your answers to these questions...
    What do we want out of this vacation? Do we want to visit relatives, enjoy a family reunion? Are we seeking an adventure in the great outdoors or in a foreign country? Would we like to travel the backroads on a learning vacation? Do we need relaxation and want to be totally pampered?

    Who is coming on this vacation? Family only? Friends? Grandparents? Take in account all ages–infants, toddlers, pre-teens, teens, parents, grandparents. Family pet? Now list any special needs or concerns–clothing, equipment, dietary, physical, and daily naps and meals for the little ones?

    How much time do we have for this vacation? A weekend, 1 or 2 weeks, longer? How far do we want to travel?
    What is our overall budget? What mode of travel are we considering? Remember... getting to a destination can be as fun and as exciting as the vacation itself. When considering these questions plan to over-compensate, for on vacations there can be the delays and the unforeseen added ex-penses. Be prepared for the

    What do we like to do on our vacations? Do we like to visit coastal areas, mountains, deserts, jungles, lakes or rivers? How about exploring large metropolitan areas? Do we enjoy touring historical sites? Or, learning about a new culture? Are we drawn to the excitement of amusement parks or the solitude of nature in a national park? Do we seek adventure and new experiences or are we more comfortable with the familiar?

    Are we active choosing sports like hiking, whitewater rafting, swimming, biking, kayaking, snow skiing, horseback riding, and fishing? Do we like museums, theatres, sightseeing and shopping? Include opportunities to learn a new sport, an art, a skill, even a little history. New experiences help make travel not only more appealing but, especially, more memorable.

     What are our basic needs? Accommodations... do we look forward to pitching a tent among the redwoods or relaxing in a plush resort with a kid’s club? Are we eager to take in the sights from city to city, campsite to campsite, packing and repacking or, rather enjoy the facilities of a base home, taking day trips? Do we want to cook in our own condo or eat out? What kind of weather–warm and balmy, temperate, or cold? Is there a favorite season of the year?

      You now have a better idea of what you want from your vacation. You’re ready to use resources like current travel publications and books, and travel and tour agents to identify specific vacation ideas and destinations that best match your family needs and interests.

        Above all... have fun and be creative. You’re creating memories that last a lifetime!


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