Jan 19th
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Car travel with your toddler

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Dear Deb,
    I’d like to share with you a trick that made what could have been a miserable trip into a fun memory--proof that a little effort goes a long way. My wife, son Kyle, age 2, and I had to travel half way across the country by car in a limited amount of time.  Our energetic two year old wouldn’t be a happy camper strapped into a car seat for hours.  We decided to stop every 2 hours or so of driving, at small town parks, playgrounds, rest areas and nature settings.  A 15-20 minute stop was enough to help Kyle exercise and get rid of that cooped up energy.  We also made sure to check into a motel with a swimming pool around 5pm.
            A singing family--all the way down the road,
            John, Tammy and Kyle


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