Jan 19th
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Baby & Me Tips

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Baby & Me

    Traveling with your infant may be the easiest travel you will ever do.  Full stomach, clean diaper, and loving lap or shoulder for sleeping are about all baby is concerned with during the first few months.  Preparing ahead for these basic needs and keeping your infant on a reasonable schedule will help to ensure an enjoyable vacation experience.                 
    Many pleasures come when traveling with your baby--not only plenty of cuddly moments together but because most everyone loves babies, you’ll often enjoy extra attention to both your own needs as well as the baby’s special needs.

•  Your infant should always be buckled in a rear-facing car seat when traveling by car.  Request a car safety seat when reserving rental car.    

•  Traveling across time zones can be a challenge. Continue to follow your baby’s regular time zone schedule--within 2 to 3 days your child will start to adjust to the new time zone.  

•  Because infants under six months are very vulnerable to sunburn, it is best to avoid the direct sun--keep baby well shaded from 10 am - 2 pm.

•  Never leave your baby alone under any circumstance, even if you think you’ll be just a moment.  The unexpected can happen... in seconds.

•  When traveling by plane, feed your infant during take off and landing.  This creates a sucking and swallowing action that can aid in equalizing pressure in the ear, avoiding what could be a painful earache.  A pacifier or a sucker can also be used.


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