Jan 19th
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Plane Travel Tips

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PostCards from you...

We are planning a trip to Disneyland--this part our 9 year old daughter is very excited about, but not the flying part... Do you have any advice?       
                    -- Scott & Victoria

Dear Scott & Victoria,
   Here are a few ideas to help your youngster enjoy the “friendly skies.”

• If a family member is uncomfortable flying, this can and will easily be picked up and shared by young ones!
• There are some delightful kids' books on flying.  Check your library or book store.

• Prior to flight, take a few trips to the airport to watch the planes take off and land.  Talk about where they go, who flies on them (grandma & grandpa, etc), and about the pilots who fly them.  Read the history of flight from, Wright Brothers to Mars Mission.

• Your airport may have a Kids' Center.  Go early and enjoy the activities offered.

• I always like to board early, giving time to set up camp so to speak; your child can also have some time to adjust to her space before takeoff.  Try to get a window seat.  While boarding, stop to take a look at the cockpit, talk with the pilots--this is fun and can be reassuring.  Explain the seatbelt sign, steward call button, head sets, music channels, etc.

• Pack favorite snacks and beverages, even though the airline provides them.  Have your child eat, drink, or chew something during takeoff.  This will help equalize pressure in the ears. (If congested due to cold, check with your doctor if it's ok to fly.)

• Pack plenty of toy favorites: legos, books (kids love to be read to), a stuffed toy, coloring supplies, digital entertainment, along with music and games. Bring a new toy, to be unwrapped in flight. Place all within arm’s reach.
• Make sure you pack plenty of family snacks, that are airline okay.

• Upon takeoff, explain all unusual noises, like landing gear lifting. Point out things on the ground below.  Once the seat belt sign is off, explore... bathrooms, kitchens, and first class.  Talk with the stewards--they can be reassuring and often have goodies for the kids!
   Hope this helps..  Lots of encouragement and reassurance should do the trick!  Have a great time with Mickey!


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