Jan 19th
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Traveling with your pet

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Pet Tails...
traveling with your pet

    My Siamese cat was a natural when it came to travel, she adapted well to new places and even looked forward to new adventures.  She loved to view the countryside perched atop my shoulder; or, nuzzled in my lap taking in the sight of a crowded train car full of kids going home for the holiday; then, asleep in her kennel while jet setting across the friendly skies.     
    Then there’s... Sukuma... Dog Traveler the newest member of our family.  “Come on boy, it’s off to the beach or let’s go hike the mountain” is not yet in our repertoire of doggy commands.  This sweet 5 month, 50 pound pup can’t stomach the car--literally!
     Just a few tips on traveling with your pet:
•  If your dog is prone to motion sickness--begin car travel slowly.  First have your pet sit in the parked car.  Next, take short trips, a mile or so; then work up to longer trips.  Mix in fun destinations, like the park down the block for a game of fetch.  Try to position your pet facing forward with harness and if possible with the window rolled down.  Carry a seat cover, clean up rags and baggies.  For longer trips ask your veterinarian for medication.  
•  Kennel training your dog will come in handy for plane and train travel, plus hotel stays.  It’s his security, a home away from home; and, don’t forget his favorite pillow.
•  Start traveling with a pet as young as possible.  Cats can become avid travelers if you start training them as kittens.  Have them wear their harness around the house and leave the kennel out for exploring, not just coming out for the dreaded veterinarian visit. Making friends with the ken-nel gives them a familiar space---all kinds of travel and hotel stays will be easier.  Also, take your cat on car trips other than just to the  veterinarian.
•  Request a free brochure in traveling with your dog from the American Kennel Club (919) 233-9767. 


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