Feb 23rd
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EuropeLondon & Paris - Mom & Daughter Travel Adventure

HCWT 04.23.2012 19:34 0 0


London & Paris

Mom & Daughter Travel Adventure

    Westminster Abbey was next on our mom & daughter travel adventure list, which was within walking distance. Westminster Abbey www.west is not only a beautiful church but we learned that it’s the site of all royal coronations. The royal coronation chair is on display, and although most of the past royalty are buried in tombs below the Abbey, the tomb of Queen Elizabeth I can be viewed here.

Westminster Abbey is the site of all royal coronations.4Westminster Abbey is the site of all royal coronations.4

    It was after 1 p.m. when we again boarded the Big Bus and drShakespeare’s Globe Theatre was one of our favorite visits.5ove past Waterloo Train Station on the way to St. Paul's Cathedral We walked across Millennium Bridge to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre The original Globe Theatre burned down in 1613 during a Shakespeare play. But in 1995, a reconstructed theatre built to the same specifications

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre was one of our favorite visits.5

opened in approximately the same location. Performances are held throughout the year.  
   Alyx was particularly interested in the theatre because she was studying both Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre in her English class at high school. We found the theatre very interesting and one of our favorite visits.

Read more about Alyx's Sweet "16" trip to London and Paris.

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