Feb 23rd
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Tag: beach


United States & CanadaWinter Family Adventures - Snow & Sand

HCWT 11.14.2014 22:32 0 0


Winter Family Adventures – Snow & Sand
Fill your holidays with these family-fun Snow & Sand getaways.

Family fun on Snow-Packed Mountain Slopes!  
•  Grab the kids, head for the slopes and enjoy a day of skiing and snowboarding this winter.  Bundle up from head to toe; share stories on the lifts; traverse a winter wonderland; sip hot chocolate in the chalet; and best of all... watch those little red-nosed kids perhaps experience their first snow outing.

•  Choose from a variety of winter sports--downhill skiing, cross- country skiing, snowboarding,
snow blading, snowshoeing, sledding, inner-tubing, snowmobiling, dog-sledding, and ice skating.

•  Ski early or late in the season and travel mid-week for cheaper rates than major holidays or weekends.

•  Consider smaller resorts that often offer less crowds and better rates for families--affordable lodging, discounted lessons and lift tickets, even kids skiing free.  Lessons for the kids can include 1/2 day or full-day ski/snowboard instruction, lift tickets, rental equipment, food, and supervision. Cross-country skiing costs less and offers a great alternative for enjoying the snowy wilderness.
•  Find resorts in the U.S. open for skiing usually from Thanksgiving through Easter.

•  Check out this sampling of family ski resorts. Accommodations range from those right on the slopes, base lodges, to others a few miles from the resort.

Family Fun on Sun-Drenched Tropical Isles!  

•  Grab the kids and fly off or set sail for a warm, tropical island. The choices are many and all you need to do is pack swim suits, sun lotion, and light clothing and leave your worries behind.

•  Check into a family resort with all the amenities. Select a suite, condo, villa, or house. All-inclusive packages include room, meals, drinks, sports and activities for one price. Other family packages are often available.

•  Choose from a variety of activities, from relaxing on the beach to going strong with every kind of island sport–swimming, snorkeling, sand castle building, sailing, tennis, golf and horseback riding.

•  Kid’s Clubs can provide organized activities from morning to night for infants to teens. Get plenty of togetherness with special programs for the whole family.

•  Take a look at this sampling of island family resorts.


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United States & CanadaKauai, Hawaii - Films & Family Adventure

HCWT 07.04.2013 19:56 0 0


     The next day after a Katie makes friends with a sea cucumber at Hideaway Beach.light breakfast at the hotel, we walked just past the St. Regis Princeville Resort entrance to a public pathway down to Hideaway Beach, a secluded public beach. Walking down the path can be tricky at times, especially after a rain but the slippery slope offers hand tied ropes as a railing to hold on to. The beach is spectacular.

      We snorkeled at this beach every morning and viewed the coral playground filled with purple sea cucumbers and the Hawaiian Trigger fish, Humuhumunukunuku apua'a.

      A short drive toward the coast is Kauai’s northern-most point and the historic Kilauea Lighthouse. Celebrating its 100th year, the scenic lighthouse was recently refurbished. This area is also a preserve for hundreds of sea birds. You can often spot whales, seals, dolphins and sea turtles at the point.

Read more at Kauai, Hawaii - Films & Family Adventure

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United States & CanadaAulani-Hawaii's Disney Family Beach Adventure

HCWT 07.04.2013 17:33 0 0

Aulani-Hawaii's Disney Family Beach Adventure

    The Aulani Disney Resort is a fantasy playground both for kids and adults. Guests float and snorkel on the surface of the resort’s 165,000-gallon saltwater playground. As the fish swim about in schools below, you and the kids can observe underwater statues and animals from above. It’s great for people who’ve never snorkeled before.
    Our daughter enjoyed a day of gentle snorkeling without waves, strong currents or sharks. You’ll find the It's family fun at Aulani Disney Resort on Oahu, Hawaii.calm environment perfect for children of all ages who are able to float and swim. The fish are tame and friendly with the swimmers. Guests who don’t want to enter the water can watch the fish from two viewing windows, with fish feeding scheduled two times a day.
     A fun family activity we enjoyed was the interactive hand-held electronic touch-screen device. It’s like a mini iPad with “Auntie” as the tour guide. Auntie guides families around the resort in search of the legendary menehune, the Hawaiian "little people." With a push of a button, guests learn about local folklore.
    We especially liked walking around the JW Marriott to a beach where we viewed sea turtles and Monk seals playing in the warm waters.

Read more of Jill and her family's vacation at Aulani Disney Resort.

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United States & CanadaFamily Fun Resorts

HCWT 04.23.2012 21:27 0 0

Family Fun Resort - Ocean Grove
New Jersey's favorite family beach vacation

   A Shangri-la of seagulls with a non-commercialized boardwalk, the village of Ocean Grove boasts a dignified row of eateries and shops on the tree-lined Main Avenue. Visitors will see no tacky T-shirt shops, no bustling arcades, and no water slides or noisy rides in this idyllic community.
    To explore the small town of one square mile you and the kids can rent old-fashioned bicycles, the kind with no gears or handlebar brakes, at Ocean Grove Hardware.  The shop also boasts creaky wooden floors and also offers a selection of antiques on the second level. Among nearly a dozen cafes, coffee shops and restaurants in Ocean Grove you’ll find Nagle's Apothecary Cafe with its collection of old pharmaceutical bottles.
    One of those small towns that time forgot Ocean Grove is now designated a National Historic district; the community was
Ocean Grove, a seagull Shangri-la for families.

Ocean Grove, a seagull Shangri-la for families.

founded by Dr. William Osborn, a Methodist minister. The location was just what the doctor ordered: a high beach; thick groves of pine, cedar, and hickory trees; and no mosquitoes. Natural boundaries were made by two lakes and the ocean, with gates across the remaining side. Until 1980 the town gates were closed from midnight on Saturdays through midnight on Sundays.
   The sandy beach is one of the best in the world, is clean and thong-free. The beach badge, at $6.00 per day, is well-worth the cost.
      Stroll along the Asbury Park Boardwalk and find venues for music, film, events, dining and shopping including the Stone Pony, Convention Hall, and Paramount Theatre. Other popular attractions are the Historical Society Museum and Centennial Cottage, guided walking tours, Thornley Chapel, Beersheba Well and the Tent City - all nestled around the Great Auditorium campus. You and the kids can also check out Ott’s Restaurant with its delicious seafood, which is perched at the far end of Ocean Grove's boardwalk and bordering the shell of the once-thriving Asbury Park

Read more about the New Jersey Shore Family Fun Resort

More Fun Family Resorts:

Beaches Resorts for Family Vacations

Tradeswinds Islands Grand Resort

Disney's Vero Beach Resort 

Family Fun Resorts


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EuropeContis-Plage, France - Seaside camping travel adventure

HCWT 02.20.2012 18:33 0 0


Beach and Camp travel adventure at Lous-Seurrots.

We enjoyed a stay at the small seaside town of Contis-Plage in France, about halfway between Bordeaux and the Spanish border.  The seaside town is in an area called Les Landes, which has grown out of what is essentially reclaimed land. It’s a little-known area, and very surprising. Although the Landaise landscape is  like that of western Oregon, mostly evergreen trees, the architecture is a fascinating mix of Tudor and Disney kitsch, with most unusual houses popping up out of the clearings in the forests.

We reached Contis-Plage and checked in at the Lous-Seurrots Campground, where we had booked a chalet. The chalet, which sleeps six but is very comfortable for 4. The campground was not a Eurocamp full of English people, but a French campground, with mostly French, Germans, and Dutch visitors. It’s exceptionally well run and we found continental Europeans to be great campers - very respectful of others.

The campsite provides loads of activities, including four swimming pools. The restaurant next to the swimming pool has hot frites, the kids' favorite after a couple of hours in the water. You can find chalets and mobile homes for rent, and a large tent area. There is a shop on site providing most essentials, including fresh bread and pastries all day.

Contis is basically a surfing town with long, sandy beaches, which are great for flying kites, surfing, or swimming – but the surf can get pretty rough, so watch out for safe-bathing markers. The town also offers canoeing, bike riding through the woods, and fishing. There’s also a miniature golf course. The town offers tours of a spectacular lighthouse.

Read more at Jaunts about France & Wales. 

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