Feb 19th
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Tag: adventure


United States & CanadaKauai, Hawaii - Films & Family Adventure

HCWT 07.04.2013 19:56 0 0


     The next day after a Katie makes friends with a sea cucumber at Hideaway Beach.light breakfast at the hotel, we walked just past the St. Regis Princeville Resort entrance to a public pathway down to Hideaway Beach, a secluded public beach. Walking down the path can be tricky at times, especially after a rain but the slippery slope offers hand tied ropes as a railing to hold on to. The beach is spectacular.

      We snorkeled at this beach every morning and viewed the coral playground filled with purple sea cucumbers and the Hawaiian Trigger fish, Humuhumunukunuku apua'a.

      A short drive toward the coast is Kauai’s northern-most point and the historic Kilauea Lighthouse. Celebrating its 100th year, the scenic lighthouse was recently refurbished. This area is also a preserve for hundreds of sea birds. You can often spot whales, seals, dolphins and sea turtles at the point.

Read more at Kauai, Hawaii - Films & Family Adventure

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United States & CanadaAulani-Hawaii's Disney Family Beach Adventure

HCWT 07.04.2013 17:33 0 0

Aulani-Hawaii's Disney Family Beach Adventure

    The Aulani Disney Resort is a fantasy playground both for kids and adults. Guests float and snorkel on the surface of the resort’s 165,000-gallon saltwater playground. As the fish swim about in schools below, you and the kids can observe underwater statues and animals from above. It’s great for people who’ve never snorkeled before.
    Our daughter enjoyed a day of gentle snorkeling without waves, strong currents or sharks. You’ll find the It's family fun at Aulani Disney Resort on Oahu, Hawaii.calm environment perfect for children of all ages who are able to float and swim. The fish are tame and friendly with the swimmers. Guests who don’t want to enter the water can watch the fish from two viewing windows, with fish feeding scheduled two times a day.
     A fun family activity we enjoyed was the interactive hand-held electronic touch-screen device. It’s like a mini iPad with “Auntie” as the tour guide. Auntie guides families around the resort in search of the legendary menehune, the Hawaiian "little people." With a push of a button, guests learn about local folklore.
    We especially liked walking around the JW Marriott to a beach where we viewed sea turtles and Monk seals playing in the warm waters.

Read more of Jill and her family's vacation at Aulani Disney Resort.

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United States & CanadaSummer Camps for the Family

HCWT 08.31.2012 15:51 Not available 0


Family Summer Camp Adventures

Camps, Camps, and more Camps...
...summer fun for the whole family

If you went to camp as a kid, then you know just how special this experience can be.  A chance to meet new friends, develop skills and interests in a variety of activities, and grow in many ways.              
    What if you could still enjoy these experiences? ...and with your kids? ...together as a family?  ...You can!   
Explore the cosmos to digging for dinosaur bones. Learn to sail or how to create Disney animation. It's all at summer camp.

Explore the cosmos to digging for dinosaur bones. Learn to sail or how to create Disney animation. It's all at summer camp.

    Family camp, like family travel can help develop mutual companionship and understanding between family members.  It can also create a foundation for positive, lifelong relationships.
    There are programs to fit any interest: the classic camp often located in scenic areas offers a variety of sports and activities; the sport/academic/art camp coaches tennis, instructs music/dance or teaches a foreign language. Challenges can be found at the adventure camp--rock climbing, sailing or camping the wilderness; a religious affiliated camp incorporates spiritual training; special needs are addressed at a camp for handicaps or illnesses; and, an international camp offers an experience in a foreign country.  
    You can choose a resident camp, spending nights in a tent, cabin, or dormitory.  Or, a day camp–after a full day of activities you return to your own lodging for the evening.
    Non-profit agencies, youth groups, or public agencies usually offer affordable camps. Independently-run camps are often more costly.
    Which camp is right for your family?  First, determine your reasons for participation.  Will your family like the programs and do they fit your interests?  What are your goals?  Is the philosophy of the camp what you’re looking for?  And is the size and location of the camp suitable?
    Once you've decided on your ideal family camp getaway, then research the internet and discuss with travel agents the best options available.

Find a sampling of the many camps offered.  Grab the kids and head for camp...

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United States & CanadaFamily Fun at the State Fair

HCWT 07.22.2012 20:25 0 0

"Our State Fair is a Great State Fair."
   -- Rodgers And Hammerstein

It’s Blue Ribbon excitement at the Iowa State Fair – the nation’s biggest, oldest, and greatest! August 9-19, 2012, join more than a million exhibitors and visitors at the historic 400-acre fair grounds in Des Moines, Iowa. Thrill your way through countless midway rides and games, cheer to the tractor pulls and rodeos, and stomp your feet to the beat of live rock, country, and bluegrass music. Then pause for a stroll through the many exhibit halls with home, garden, cooking, food, art and craft, and agricultural and educational displays. The kids will love the livestock barns – getting up close to cows, calves, pigs, sheep, and chickens. Look for the 4-H blue ribbon winners. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, you’ll find oodles of food booths with your favorite treats for sale.

This is just one of many State Fairs celebrated across the country. All offering loads of entertainment!

Make it a family tradition and head off to a State Fair near you - many celebrated far into the fall season.

Check out these State Fairs near you...

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Central & South AmericaHonduras Family Adventure - Swimming with dolphins

HCWT 02.18.2012 19:11 0 0


Swimming with Dolphins in Roatan, Honduras

We arrived for the dolphin swim at the Roatan Institute of Marine Sciences in Sandy Bay, a short drive from West End.

We were early, so Mom and I checked out the Roatan Museum and learned information about the island and the dolphin study program.

    When mom made our reservations for the dolphin swim, they warned her about a certain dolphin that is still learning “appropriate behavior” with kids.  Not that she would ever mean to hurt you, but she is like a rambunctious over-size puppy

I had the best time getting to know Rita, a bottlenosed dolphin.

I had the best time getting to know Rita, a bottlenosed dolphin.

wanting to play.  I assured mom that it would be okay and I really, really wanted to swim with the dolphins.

    By boat we went to Bailey’s Key, where in a blue green lagoon we met Rita, a bottle-nosed dolphin and a mom, too.  In waist deep water alongside Rita and her trainer, mom and I learned some fun things about her. Like how she breathes, gives birth and where her calf drinks milk.

     She really enjoyed us petting her, her skin felt like slick rubber!  We learned that she doesn't like her tail fin touched.  She loved the attention so much that afterwards she gave us lots of dolphin kisses!
     We then put on our snorkel gear and headed into the deep water of the lagoon, where we rejoined Rita and met her male calf Enzo; Gee Gee and her male calf Boomer; and Cedana, the frisky, misbehaving female.
    At first everyone was a bit shy, but then guess who got very playful?  Yep, Cedana or Ced, as they call

After our visit Rita gave me a dolphin kiss.

After our visit Rita gave me a dolphin kiss.

her.  She first came up behind me and grabbed my elbow in her mouth. It didn’t hurt, just surprised me.  Then, she circled back around and came from beneath, locked onto my leg and pushed me through the water.          
    The trainer grabbed my arm, pulled me away from Ced, and said, “If you ignore her and swim away, you’ll show Ced that you won’t play with her when she acts that way.”  
    I understood what the trainer was saying, but I still wanted to play with her. I was having fun, too. Like the times Ced would sneak up behind me and tap me on my head.  I’d twirl around to find her right in my face sporting a full dolphin grin!  Most of the time Ced spent swimming circles around me, unexpectedly popping up beside me and tugging at my arm or leg.  Not once did she hurt or scare me.  We had great fun!
    Rita and her calf, Enzo, swam side by side.  They would join mom in underwater acrobatics, although they probably thought mom silly for trying to act like a dolphin.
    “Cody,” mom said, “here, hold this blade of grass and watch Rita, she’ll take it from your hand.”
    Rita playfully pulled the grass from my hand, then immediately let it drop so I would chase it and play the game again.  Who was the smarter one, I wondered?
    It all went by too fast and before we knew it we were waving good-bye to our new dolphin playmates.

Back at the institute, a few other dolphins from the pod performed in a show. 
    I had the best time and I’ll never forget it, especially Ced.  In fact, we bought a video tape of our swim... Yep, there was Ced tugging at my leg--caught on camera!

Read more of CW's adventure in Dolphins of Roatan, Honduras.

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