Feb 19th
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Tag: family travel adventure


Around-the-WorldJourney of Discovery

HCWT 01.27.2012 17:53 0 0

An Incredible Journey of Discovery

    Our family’s six month journey around-the-world was much more than taking 20,000 photos, visiting 14 countries, climbing 15 towers, walking some 825 miles, flying at least 52,000 miles, eating 11 flavors of gelato, schlepping 200 pounds of luggage, logging onto 10,200 minutes of Internet access, driving on the left-hand side of the road in four European countries, and visiting one emergency room.

    It was an incredible jourMilford Sound, New Zealand – The 22-kilometre fiord is just  off the Tasman Sea and is lined with majestic cliffs, peaks and  beautiful rainbows. The highest peak is over 5000 feet. Thanks  to the heavy annual rainfall the waterfalls are spectacular.ney of self discovery, a discovery of world cultures, and of making new friends along the way. We viewed history galore, we reconnected as a family, and the whole experience greatly exceeded our expectations. The time we shared for six months allowed the three of us – husband Robin, 60; daughter Tricia, 12; and me, Marla, 44 – to learn about our respective limits of tolerance and patience in regard to not only hunger, sleep, boredom and obtaining directions in foreign languages but also our respective passions for art, history, people watching, sleep, and ice cream.

 Read more of this incredible journey around-the-world at Journey of Discovery. 

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Mexico & CaribbeanGray Whales visit Mexico

HCWT 01.14.2012 15:24 0 0


Gray Whales come to the birthing grounds at Magdalena Bay, Baja, Mexico

An excerpt from Isla Espiritu Santo Family Adventure

The bay was calm with no wind and we all were excited about seeing Gray whales.  
    Then, it was so awesome... a momma Gray whale surfaced right next to our panga.  She first poked her head out of the water to get a look at us.  Then she made her way closer.  I think she was as curious as we were!
Magdalena Bay is the place to see California Gray whales.
    “Look, there’s another one.” Mom pointed to the other side of the panga.
     The whale gently disappeared below the water for a few minutes, then resurfaced and blew a hearty blast of air from her blowhole, spraying water high above us.  Awesome!
    “There’s a calf, the smaller, dark gray one.” Luis pointed out.  
    Luis added, “Whales really like it when kids are aboard, even pregnant ladies.  Somehow they just know.”
Luis also found that gently tapping the bottom of the panga attracts the whales.
    It all worked, between the two pangas in the bay that morning the whale
The Grays that approach the pangas are called Friendlies.s and their calves hung out around our panga.  I was kept busy guessing which side of the boat they’d surface on; when they’d suddenly breach water; where their heads would pop up to peek at me; or when they’d blow a spout-full of spray in my face.  The whales seemed to enjoy the game just as much as Mom and I!  And in between the antics, they rested, floating along side the panga.  I could even count barnacles on their backs!

Read more at Isla Espiritu Santo Family Adventure.

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