Feb 23rd
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EuropeRelive Spain’s Moorish and Christian Heritage at Petrer.

HCWT 05.24.2013 16:24 0 0


Relive Spain’s Moorish and Christian Heritage at Petrer.

We found the streets of the town filled with crowds of men, women and children dressed in the costumes of past eras in Spanish history.  The sound of gunfire echoed through the streets and led us to one of the main thoroughfares.  Here, an episode of the Moorish-Christian wars was being re-enacted.  The Moorish army moved up the street firing muskets and cannons, with real gunpowder, while in the distance.

The Moorish garments are elaborate and a favorite in the parade.

The Moorish garments are elaborate and a favorite in the paradence we saw the Spanish were retreating.

    The colourful scene amazed us all. “Look! Arabs from history! The Emir!” Leila exclaimed as the Moorish legions marched before us, each group led by a richly dressed Emir.
    “Magnifico!  Magnifico!” Muna pointed to the emirs while we talked to a Spaniard standing by her side.  “Come tomorrow morning, you’ll see the grandeur of Spain’s Moorish civilization,” the man advised in passable English.
    “Son Uds. ingleses (Are you English)?”  A young man asked us. Muna answered: “No somos canadienses pero nuestra origin es árabe (we are Canadians but our origin is Arab).”  “Arabe!  Arabe!  Bienvenides! Bienvenides!”  The young man was excited. “Come with me!”

Read more at Spain's Moorish-Christian Festival.

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