Jan 19th
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Kite Festivals

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Take Your Family and Go Fly a Kite!

Ocean Beach Kite Festival
A tradition that attracts all kite flyers--from young to old.  Along the beach enjoy kite flying, kite making competitions, a craft fair, parade and lively entertainment.
Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA

Austin Kite Festival
From novice to professional--kite flyers take to the skies at this annual festival in Texas.  Enjoy
performances by stunt kite flyers and take part in several of the competitions.
Zilker Park, Austin, TX

Bangkok International Kite Festival
Numerous kite flying teams from many countries participate in this annual competition.  Large and heavy kites perform a cultural ritual of fighting and courting; cutting the other kite’s rope determines the winner.  Enjoy kite flying demon-strations along with many contests.
Sanam Luang, Bangkok, Thailand

Smithsonian Kite Festival
The festival is held when Washington D.C.’s cherry blossoms are in bloom and attracts kite flyers from around the world.  In addition to some very unusual and creative looking kites, there are numerous kite making competitions for all ages and skills.
National Mall, Washington D.C.  

Great St. Louis Kite Festival
Kite enthusiasts of all ages and abilities gather here to take part in competitions, watch demonstrations by the professionals, and fly their own kites, while listening to many local bands perform.  Families, including Rover, are encouraged to join in the festivities which include several dog shows.
Forest Park, St. Louis, MO

Hamamatsu Kite Festival
The Giant Kite Festival is one of Japan’s liveliest and most colorful festivals, dating back to the 16th century.  Huge kites represent the neighborhoods of Hamamatsu; each kite requires a team of up to 50 men to launch.  The competition involves trying to down the kites of their rivals.  A parade of floats is part of the festivities.
Nakatajima Dunes, Hamamatsu, Japan

Boston Kite Festival
Kites soar the spring skies of Boston, with plenty of time to enjoy food and musical entertainment with other kite-lovers.
Franklin Park, Boston, MA

Long Beach International Kite Festival
This festival attracts the finest kitemakers from around the globe.  Enjoy competitions from kite-making to stunt and fighter kite flying.  Watch the attempts at breaking the records for launching the most number of kites at one time.  Long Beach is also home to the World Kite Museum.  
Long Beach, Washington

Daytona International Kite Festival
Kite-flying champions from around the world flock to this beachside festival to demonstrate their flying abilities.  Displays of stunt flying, skydiving, sailboarding and hang gliding can also be viewed.  A colorful street fair offers crafts, food and entertainment.
Daytona Beach, Daytona, FL

Check the internet and local publications for current dates and locations.



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