Jan 19th
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Ask the Travel Agent

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Ask the Travel Agent
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Ask the Travel Agent

Q.    Our family of 4 (kids ages 5 & 7) is going to France.  Are there tours that offer activities for the whole family?

 A.      A Touch of France offers three, five and 14-day escorted tours of France with activities for children and adults.  In Normandy, the children can take part in the chores on an animal farm while the adults tour the local sites.  With fishing nets and rubber boots, children can explore the beach at Brittany, while mom and dad discover the "Pink Granite Coast."  You can dirt bike in Burgundy and visit Renaissance Castles in the Loire Valley.  Daily  workshops are also offered for and around Paris.  In Giverny, home of Monet, parents can stroll through the gardens and visit museums.  Children can try their hand at painting with water color.  All can learn about the smells and tastes of Provence in a cooking lesson.  And, the kids will have fun being part of the circus for a day; parents are treated to an evening performance.  Activities give the kids an opportunity to ex-press themselves creatively while learning about the French culture.  

Q.   We’re looking to do a drive vacation in Ohio.  What do you suggest?

A.      Sandusky in the northwest has Cedar Point Amusement Park.  Thirteen miles south is Thomas Edison's Birthplace and the Milan Historical Museum.  In Toledo there’s the Center of Science and Industry, Toledo Zoo and Botanical Gardens.  Sauder Farm and Craft Village is in Archbold.  In Wapakoneta you can visit the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum.  The northeast has Sea World in Aurora; the Amish Country and Quaker Square in Akron; and the Rockn’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.  Find the Great Lakes Science Center located on North Coast Harbor.  The Nautica Enertainment Complex at the Cleveland Water Front has a Cool KidsFest in July.  Piatt Castles and the Ohio and Zone Caverns are in the southwest.  Mason’s, Paramount Kings Island is great for the thrill rides.  And, from August through mid October, Harveysburg is home to the Ohio Renaissance Festival.  The Smoke Rise Ranch Resort in Murray City is a working cattle ranch.  And, you can hike in Hocking Hills State Park.  You can request more information from the Ohio Tourism (800-282-5393),
Q.     We're looking for smaller out-of-the-way ski areas near New York.  Any ideas?
A.  Along Tacomic State Parkway, near Hillsdale, NY is Catamount, small and less crowded.  A little further down the road is Butternut Basin in Great Barrington, MA.  The Red Lion Inn is in Great Barrington.  Ski Windham in the Catskills has a good ski school.  There are also condominiums at the base of the mountain.

Q.     We would like our grandchildren (ages 7 and 9) who live in Lincoln, NE to visit us in Pittsfield, MA.  Is there a way this can be done?   

A.      Your grandchildren will need to be booked on the airline as unaccompanied minors.  This means that at check in forms are filled out with sender's address and phone number and receiver's name, address and phone number.  The kids usually wear a (unaccompanied minor) button and are escorted onto the plane and settled into their seats by a gate agent.  The stewardess is supposed to watch over them while in flight and upon arrival the gate agent will take them from the stewardess and require identification before releasing your grandchildren to you.
    A non-stop flight from Lincoln to Pittsfield would be ideal.  Second best would be a direct flight from Lincoln to Pittsfield, landing say in Omaha but with no plane change.  If transfers can't be helped, airlines provide escort service for unaccompanied minors to their connecting flights.  However, they must be at least 8 years old to travel alone on connecting flights and 5 years old to fly alone at all.
    Prior to booking, contact the airline to find out what their policy is for unaccompanied minors.  And at check in, go over the policy again with the gate agent.  Yes, sorry to say, I've heard horror stories of kids being abandoned at the airport.  I suggest informing the kids as to what to expect flying as an unaccompanied minor and that they are not to be left alone in the airport at any time!   Also, reinforce the rules about strangers and if a fellow passenger is bothering them, they must tell the stewardess.  
    You may want to request a special kid's meal for their flight and of course have them pack a back pack full of fun things to play with.  A gift of a toy to be unwrapped while in flight is always a fun surprise.  Include extra drink and nibblies for the flight, too.  There are some delightful books, possibly at the local library on kids flying alone.  When picking the kids up from the airport, plan to be at the gate an hour before arrival time.


Where is Alyx?

Alyx is near the 10,677-ft elevation of this Ski Resort offering awesome views and super ski slopes. Where is she? Click here to find out.

Tips, Tricks & Tactics

Camping the Great Outdoors
...ideas to consider

   "Since that first camping trip, all of our trips have been only partially planned, with itineraries set more as ideas than as fixed schedules.  We usually take each day one at a time, and do whatever feels right for that particular day.  Slowing down to smell the roses has never been so sweet as when we travel with our two kids!"  -- David, Westminster, MD

 Take it from David, there's a time to plan and a time to take one day at a time.


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