Jan 22nd
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Train Trip to Spokane

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Dear Kids Korner,

    During Christmas break my family took the train from Minneapolis to Spokane to visit my grandparents .  It was really fun.  We had a big bedroom for my parents, sister and me.  It had bunk beds and our own bathroom!  
    My sister and I liked to go to the lounge car and look out the huge glass windows.  Sometimes we watched a movie, just like on the planes.  You can buy snacks downstairs, too!
    We got our meals free in the dining car.  Dad said it was because we had a sleeper.  If you go on the train, get the hamburger and prime rib–they’re pretty good.  But the best is the chocolate mud pie!
     My sister, Emily got scared going from car to car.  She’d wait until I opened the connecting doors and then run through fast!  It’s probably because she’s not as old as I am.
     At night while laying in bed, I looked out the window at the passing houses.  They were all lit up with Christmas lights–it was neat!
    Henry is our porter, he takes care of all the people in our car. He gave Emily and me treats and joked around with us.
    I really like the train.  Mom said we could go on the train again.

                        Bryan (age 10)

    Editor’s Note: Thank you Bryan for sharing your train adventure with us.  I really enjoy traveling by train, too!  Bryan and his family traveled on Amtrak’s Empire Builder route from Chicago to Seattle/Portland. This is just one of many routes offered by Amtrak.  If you’re interested in a train vacation, check out www.amtrak. com or call 1-800-USA-RAIL and request their Amtrak 2000 Travel Planner.


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