Jan 24th
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Singapore & Vietnam

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Singapore & Vietnam
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Singapore & Vietnam with the Kids

    We decided to take our trip to Singapore and Vietnam because of a special offer made by Asian Affair Holidays, a travel agency connected with Singapore Airlines. For $1,099 per person, the agency offered round-trip airfare from Chicago to Singapore and Vietnam. This iMerlion, Singapore's mascot - half mermaid and half lion.ncluded three days at the Merchant Court Hotel in Singapore and three days at the Renaissance Riverside Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City as well as daily breakfast buffets and a half-day city tour of both cities. Also included in the price were free transportation to and from the airports, a free river boat tour in Singapore, and free admission to Sentosa Island or the Night Safari at the local zoo. Even my 83-year-old mother-in-law liked the price and she decided to come along too.Merchant Court Hotel in Singapore.
    It takes a whole day to fly to Singapore from the U.S., with a short stop in Amsterdam. To help the flight time pass quickly, children can play some 30 Nintendo games and there are a host of on-demand movies for the kids as well as the adults. In-flight service was outstanding, with good food, plenty of beverages, and hot wash-cloths distributed several times during the flight.
    Once in Singapore, we took a bus to Merchant Court Hotel and then we napped for several hours. The hotel is located right by the Singapore River so we walked down to Clark Quay and took our free riverboat cruise that afternoon. This offered good views of the city with its modern skyscrapers and busy thoroughfares. We noticed many American franchises like McDonalds, Burger King and Starbucks. At McDonalds, soup is the featured breakfast meal, rather than Egg McMuffins.
We enjoyed the riverboat cruise on the Singapore river.

“Sentosa Island is a
perfect place for kids...”

    The next morning we enjoyed a breakfast buffet at the hotel, which included delicious Asian breakfast foods such as soup, noodle dishes, and fiColorful depictions of Indian Gods are seen in the Hindu and fried rice as well as entrees familiar in England and the U.S. like broiled tomatoes, baked beans, fried potatoes, French toast, sausage, made-to-order omelets, yogurt, cereal, fresh fruit, and a wide assortment of pastries. Also offered were cold meats, cheeses, olives, onions, pickles, crackers, a variety of juices, tea, and wonderful coffee and hot chocolate. Everything was simply delicious.
    While in Singapore, w
e took a half-day city tour and saw Little India, Chinatown, the Botanic GardeThe kids loved Sentosa Island with the Aquarium and Fort Siloson and a Gem Factory.  We also saw a Hindu Temple, with colorful depictions of Indian Gods and sacred animals decorating the structure. Andy had fun trying on different hats while on the tours, including a Chinese-style one with a tassel.
    The following day, we took a scenic cable car ride to Sentosa Island. This is a perfect place for kids with lots to see and do. At the Aquarium, you ride on a moving walkway underneath a huge tank full of hundreds of different kinds of fish. We also went to Fort Siloso on the island, which recreates the era when the British occupied Singapore before World War II.         
    Be sure to go
to the top of the Merlion, Singapore’s mascot, a fanciful creature half mermaid and half lion. You can look out the Merlion’s mouth for a good view of the surrounding area.


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